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TI Develops Industry's First SAR Data Converter to Achieve 4MSPS

Device Combines 4MSPS Sampling, 12-Bit Resolution and Only 95mW Power

Oct 9, 2003

TUCSON, Ariz. (October 9, 2003) - Establishing another speed record in the data converter market, Texas Instruments (TI) Incorporated (NYSE: TXN) today unveiled the first successive approximation (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) at any resolution to achieve four mega samples per second (MSPS). Designed from the company´s Burr-Brown product line, the device is ideal for advanced applications requiring high speed and low power, such as optical networking, portable medical systems, high-speed data acquisition, spectrum analyzers, imaging and telecommunications. (See dataconverter.ti.com/sc03220).

"Utilizing our leading-edge data converter technology, TI has developed yet another ADC with speed and performance attributes that cannot be equaled in the market," said Tony Chang, strategic marketing engineer for TI's data acquisition products. "The ADS7881 gives customers an unparalleled solution by combining 12-bit no missing codes at 4MHz sampling rate, 1LSB linearity, 1.5mV offset, -91dB harmonic distortion, 71.5dB signal-to-noise and only 95mW power dissipation. This is the only device available that can address high speed data acquisition needs by providing specification with an input signal frequency as high as 1.8MHz."
SAR-based architecture, in contrast to high-speed pipeline and delta-sigma architectures, has the advantage of no latency conversion, which is ideal for multiplexed or servo-control applications. Additionally, the DC performance of these devices, especially offset and offset drift, is far superior to other high-speed ADCs currently available.
The ADS7881 offers designers a complete solution by integrating an internal reference and reference buffer. The device has a pseudo-differential, unipolar input range (0V to 2.5V) common to many high speed ADCs. It offers a 12-bit interface with an additional byte mode that provides easy interface with 8-bit processors. A nap mode reduces power dissipation to 10mW and a power down mode consumes only 10uW.

Pin-Compatible Portfolio for Easy Upgrade and other Companion Devices

All members of TI´s high-speed 12-bit, 16-bit and 18-bit SAR ADC family are offered in pin-compatible packages, providing designers with comprehensive upgrade options from 1.25MSPS to 4MSPS and from 12-bit to 18-bit resolution. 



is optimized to work with TI's high-performance amplifiers (




) to achieve highest performance designs.

Available Today

The ADS7881 comes in a 48-lead TQFP package, and is available now from TI and its authorized distributors. The device is priced at $7.00 in 1,000 piece quantities (suggested resale pricing). Evaluation modules (EVMs) are also available.