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Dolby Uses Texas Instruments' AureusTM Audio DSP in the Development of Pro Logic® IIx Enhanced Surround Sound Technology

Aureus Audio DSP Certified by Dolby for Pro Logic IIx Systems

Oct 1, 2003

DALLAS, (October 1, 2003) -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced today that Dolby Laboratories developed the new Pro Logic IIx enhanced surround sound technology utilizing TI´s AureusTM audio digital signal processor (DSP). The ease of use, high performance and flexibility of the Aureus audio DSP provided Dolby with the means to efficiently develop and refine its latest advancement in the home theatre listening experience. Audio manufacturers can leverage the same TI technology used by Dolby for their product development, which is now certified by Dolby for Pro Logic IIx systems. (See www.ti.com/sc/pa5.) 

Delivering Next-Generation Digital Audio Features

TI´s DA6xx Aureus audio DSP solutions for home theater products enable OEMs to deliver feature-rich, realistic listening experiences across product lines from high-fidelity, high-end systems to feature-driven low cost systems. The TMS320DA610 Aureus DSP is a 225-megahertz (MHz) floating-point processor that delivers 1800 million instructions per second (MIPS) and 32/64-bit native processing. Aureus DSP solutions also feature an open audio framework that provides a flexible environment in which manufacturers can easily add the features that differentiate their products and bring them to market more quickly.

The Mozart II Development System used by Dolby and based on TI's DA610 Aureus DSP was designed by Momentum Data Systems. Mozart II offers developers of audio/video (A/V) receivers a complete evaluation and development platform for surround sound and home theater systems. Custom algorithm development with outstanding accuracy is supported by versatile audio I/O and a powerful Performance Audio Framework that includes surround sound and post processing capabilities based on standards from leading audio technology developers.

The Most Natural Surround Sound Experience

"Dolby Laboratories selected the DA610 Aureus DSP and Mozart II development platform because its performance and flexibility enabled us to efficiently develop, test, and refine Pro Logic IIx," said Gary Gomes, Group Leader, Technology Development at Dolby. "The DA610 audio DSP and its development platform have filled a void that existed in DSP development tools. These resources allowed Dolby to efficiently analyze and optimize the development of Dolby Pro Logic IIx technology."

Dolby Pro Logic IIx technology, when added to a music or movie playback source, provides the most natural and seamless surround sound experience available for home theater enthusiasts. Extending the advanced matrix decoding techniques first introduced in Dolby Pro Logic II and Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic IIx provides a solution for 7.1-channel playback of traditional stereo and 5.1-channel content. The new technology also provides a flexible upgrade path that allows users the choice to connect a 5.1 speaker system initially and add extra channels and speakers to their 5.1- or 6.1 systems in the future.

"The Aureus DSP audio solution provides the performance and programmability that the audio industry needs for enhancing the home listening experience," said Curt Moore, business manager of Performance Audio at TI. "As this strong working relationship with Dolby illustrates, TI is committed to working with industry leaders to ensure that audio equipment manufacturers and consumers get the most advanced technology as soon as possible."

Product Information

For more information about the Aureus DA610 Audio DSP and the Mozart II Development System, please visit www.ti.com/sc/pa5. For more information on Dolby´s Pro Logic IIx, please visit www.dolby.com.