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Texas Instruments Delivers Industry's Most Highly Integrated, Scalable System-on-a-Chip for VoIP Customer Premises Gateway Applications

Newest Solution Enables Manufacturers to Expand and Differentiate Products Across Multiple VoIP Gateway Segments

Sep 22, 2003

DALLAS (September 22, 2003) -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) today announced its newest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway solution, a highly integrated software and silicon system-on-a-chip based on TI´s digital signal processing (DSP) technology and award-winning Telogy Software®. Designed to address the requirements of residential and small office/home office (SOHO) gateways, TI´s solution features unique expansion capabilities that enable customers to scale their gateway products to larger business applications requiring additional channels of voice. With the addition of this robust, expandable product, TI enhances its leadership in the VoIP gateway market, offering a complete suite of solutions for high density, small to medium enterprise (SME) and residential and SOHO gateway applications.

TI´s TNETV1060, based on the TMS320C55xTM DSP and an enhanced high-speed MIPSTM32 RISC core, delivers high-performance voice processing and data routing functions for manufacturers of integrated voice/data gateways, leveraging TI´s investment in communication processors for VoIP applications. By integrating key solution elements onto the chip, such as Ethernet MACs and PHYs for high-speed data routing, TI reduces the solution´s bill of materials cost and component count, affording greater cost savings to gateway manufacturers. The solution also employs low-cost external SDRAM, allowing scaling of features and applications to support specific market requirements while minimizing costs.
"TI has again leveraged its history and expertise in the VoIP market, adding this highly integrated CPE gateway platform to its broad portfolio of solutions," said Will Strauss, founder and president of Forward Concepts. "With its impressive scalability and expansion capabilities, the TNETV1060 will quickly enable OEMs to extend their market reach and offer a variety of VoIP gateway devices at a range of channel density points."
Using TI´s flexible VLYNQTM chip-to-chip serial interface, gateway manufacturers will also be able to expand the number of voice channels in their equipment. This is accomplished by connecting the TNETV1060, via VLYNQ, to TI´s TNETV941, a DSP specifically designed for VoIP applications. This revolutionary new feature extends the scalability of voice channels in any given CPE gateway device, enabling OEMs and ODMs to serve the needs of residential, SOHO and small business gateway markets with one common platform. 
Using VLYNQ, VoIP gateway manufacturers can also map additional functionality into their products either at the time of their design, or later, as demand for a feature or application emerges. Manufacturers can add on-board co-processors and peripherals that support features such as wireless and security applications, thus transforming their products into smart gateway devices.
"The rollout of the TNETV1060 reaffirms our commitment to continually deliver comprehensive VoIP solutions to our customers, supporting the broadest range of functionality for residential, SOHO and SME applications," said Fred Zimmerman, executive director, customer premise solutions, TI's VoIP Business Unit. "Since many of our customers' products will be incorporated in residential applications where users connect their home networks through gateways and broadband modems, we recognized the importance of including high performance data routing to our voice solution, at cost-effective price points, which is a key area of differentiation for TI's products."
A complete software and silicon solution, the TNETV1060 platform incorporates TI´s field-proven Telogy Software, which includes pre-integrated industry operating systems and protocol stacks, such as H.323 and session initiation protocol (SIP). This pre-integration decreases the investment manufacturers must make in order to offer standard features on their products and enables them to focus time on developing high-end, revenue-generating applications. Toll quality voice is achieved through a full implementation of features that include echo cancellation, voice playout software with adaptive jitter buffering, tone detection/generation, voice activity detection, and low-bit rate and/or PCM vocoders. 
TI, which has been supplying solutions to the IP telephony industry since its inception, is the leading provider of VoIP solutions. Approximately 80 percent of the VoIP gateway and IP phone products in use or in development today are based on TI technology.

Availability & Price

The TNETV1060 is currently available with pricing at $18 in standard configurations, which includes four channels of voice, at 10k unit volumes. Pricing will vary based on the required software configuration and quantities. A software development platform, reference design, and VoIP software are also available.