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Texas Instruments: Pace-Setter for Speedy PCI Express Deployment

World's First Demo of PCI Express-to-PCI Bridge at TI's Booth at IDF Fall

Sep 15, 2003

INTEL DEVELOPERS FORUM, SAN JOSE, CA (Sept. 15, 2003) --- Showing its commitment to PCI Express technology development and deployment, Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) (NYSE: TXN) will demonstrate a PCI Express development platform at the Intel Developers Forum in San Jose (TI Booth #223). PCI Express is a new point-to-point serial bus that will replace the existing PCI expansion bus and provide a new, smaller form factor for add in cards for the desktop and mobile PCs. PCI Express usage is expected to extend across client, enterprise, and communications platforms. At roughly double the speed of existing standards, PCI Express greatly alleviates the bottlenecks found in today´s PCs. (See www.ti.com/sc03184 for more information.)
"Because PCI Express addresses multiple market segments and leverages the large existing installed base of PCI standard peripherals, momentum for the new technology is expected to develop rapidly." said Susie Inouye, senior industry analyst at Databeans, Inc. "Texas Instruments, the industry's largest supplier of interface products, continues to lead the market in new product development for emerging communications standards, an important endorsement for PCI Express."
TI's PCI Express roadmap will be a key enabler for the deployment of PCI Express, expected to be shipping in many PCs beginning in 2004. TI plans to introduce its first production PCI Express products in early 2004. At IDF, TI will demonstrate a PCI Express-to-PCI bridge in conjunction with Intel's development platform, along with TI's 1394b PCI-based solutions.
"TI was the first to market with standards-compliant PCI CardBus controllers and will continue to deliver solutions that meet the connectivity demands of emerging computing and communications platforms," said CS Lee, senior vice president at TI. "We will be developing PCI Express-based products to enable the market to quickly adopt the technology in desktop and notebook PCI Express cards."
"Broad availability of PCI Express building blocks including bridges, such as the one showcased in TI's demonstration, are critical for the rapid delivery of PCI Express enabled solutions starting next year," said Bala Cadambi, PCI Express initiative manager for Intel. "We're excited to see this first demonstration at IDF."

TI´s Commitment to PCI Express

TI expects PCI Express chipsets to be shipped in the majority of PCs by 2006. TI´s roadmap includes a complete portfolio of products built for the PCI Express architecture, enabling chip-to-chip interconnect, I/O interconnect for adapter cards and an I/O attach point to other interconnects such as PCI, 1394 (FireWire) and USB. Other planned products include PCI Express switch and physical layer devices, as well as devices supporting the "Newcard" specification. These, along with existing TI devices such as CardBus, 1394 and USB, will provide designers a complete portfolio of interface options from TI.

About PCI Express

PCI Express is a dual-simplex, point-to-point serial differential low-voltage interconnect that will consolidate all application requirements for use by multiple market segments. PCI Express architecture will be a high-performance, highly flexible, scalable, reliable, stable and cost-effective general-purpose I/O architecture that will seamlessly complement existing PCI buses and transition the market over the next several years, allowing system and communication designers to use new topologies.