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Broad Asian Manufacturer Support for TI's AR7 DSL Router-on-a-Chip

Over 8 Leading Original Design Manufacturers in Asia Offering AR7-based Routers for OEMs Worldwide

Sep 10, 2003

DALLAS (Sept. 10, 2003) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced that over 8 original design manufacturers (ODMs) in Asia are offering ADSL router products based on the company's AR7 ADSL router-on-a-chip. These complete router designs are available to equipment manufacturers worldwide to speed the time to market of AR7-based products which will support ADSL2, ADSL2+ and READSL (reach extended ADSL) to enable higher speeds and longer reach. Representing the leading ODMs in Taiwan, Singapore and China, ADSL CPE products based on TI's AR7 are available from Addvalue Technologies Limited, Askey Computer Corp., Aztech Systems Ltd., QxComm Technology Co., Ltd., SerComm Corporation, Shanghai Dare Technologies Co., Ltd., Start Network Technology Co. Ltd, and TECOM Co., Ltd.
"In order to keep costs down and get products to the market quickly, ADSL equipment vendors are relying more and more on the Asian ODM manufacturers. By working with the leading ODMs in Asia, TI is ensuring that its AR7 solution is quickly available to a large portion of the ADSL market at an affordable price," said Stan Zou, industry analyst for Synergy Research Group.
The AR7, announced in April 2003, is the industry´s most integrated ADSL router on a single piece of silicon. The chip offers high-performance operation with support of the new ADSL standards as well as TI´s TurboDSL packet acceleratorTM for increased home networking performance and TI´s dynamic adaptive equalization (DAE) which enables service providers to expand their networks. For more information on AR7 visit www.ti.com/ar7
"The AR7 has won strong support in the Asian market since it is a high-performance, complete router design, allowing our ODM partners to quickly deliver products to DSL equipment manufacturers worldwide," said Marc Van Wonterghem, director of marketing, Asia-Pacific of TI's DSL Business Unit. "We have leveraged our process technology, interoperability, and understanding of manufacturer and operator requirements to deliver the AR7 -- a low-cost DSL solution to increase worldwide DSL deployments."

About Texas Instruments DSL

Texas Instruments offers DSL CO and CPE equipment manufacturers around the globe the most interoperable and widely deployable, end-to-end solutions including voice-enabled and 802.11-enabled solutions for local loop deployments. Leveraging the company´s history of innovation in DSL technology development, interoperability testing, customer support and manufacturing capabilities, TI enables customers to meet the requirements of operators worldwide. TI´s DSL business is part of the company´s comprehensive portfolio of broadband solutions including cable modems, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and 802.11 wireless networking. (See www.ti.com/dsl.)