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TI and iBiquity Introduce Industry's First Single-Chip AM/FM and HD Radio™ Baseband Plus a New Companion Analog Front End

Customers Can Leverage Highest Level of Integration and Performance in New Digital Radio Solution

Sep 8, 2003

DALLAS and COLUMBIA, MD, (Sept. 8, 2003) – Providing customers with the most complete digital radio solution on the market, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) and iBiquity Digital Corporation, the sole developer and licenser of HD Radio™ technology, today announced the industry's first single-chip baseband to integrate all of the digital functions required to build a combined analog AM/FM and HD Radio receiver. For use in automotive applications, TI's second-generation HD Radio digital baseband, based on TI's programmable digital signal processor (DSP) technology, and a new, complementary intermediate frequency (IF) analog front end (AFE) provide unmatched performance and integration, including audio processing and MP3 and Windows Media Audio (WMA) CD support on the baseband for the first time. (See www.ti.com/dri250pr.)

Building on the success of TI's pioneering first-generation DRI200 baseband (now in production), the new TMS320DRI250 baseband brings together TI's programmable DSP expertise and iBiquity's patented HD Radio technology.

"Leveraging our global digital radio experience, TI continues to pioneer growth and innovation in HD Radio technology," said Naresh Coppisetti, Digital Radio business manager at TI. "The DRI250 is a natural progression from the DRI200 in terms of integration, radio performance and cost reduction. The low cost software radio approach will be the key for manufacturers to differentiate themselves in the world of digital technologies."

Most integrated baseband


Beyond the integration of HD Radio technology and IF sampled AM/FM, the DRI250 baseband includes audio processing for sound and WMA and MP3 decoders for automotive CD radio. Such integration of digital processing features in a single chip, coupled with TI’s new analog front end chip, the DRI8201, results in a lower cost of implementation of HD Radio systems. In addition, as a software radio baseband, the DRI250 allows for several new differentiated features to be added in the future such as surround sound FM for an enhanced listening experience and time buffering for the ability to rewind live radio. TI's programmable solution also allows for the possibility of the Tomorrow Radio Project, a proposal that would allow a second audio stream to be broadcast on each radio station, ultimately giving the listener access to more content on the air. As a software radio, the DRI250 provides manufacturers the flexibility and processing headroom to add support for new standards, features or modifications, as experienced recently with iBiquity’s conversion to their proprietary HDC codec.

"Receiver manufacturers have begun the process of combining technologies, while lowering implementation costs," said Jeffrey Jury, COO of iBiquity Digital Corporation. "We anticipate products utilizing TI's DRI250 to open up new growth opportunities for markets aimed at targeted audiences for these combined technologies."

Integrated AFE for data conversion

The DRI250 baseband is complemented by TI's new mixed-signal DRI8201 chip, which provides the precision IF analog-to-digital converter (ADC), digital down converter (DDC) and control digital-to-analog converter (DAC) needed in a complete digital radio design. The DRI8201 uses an 80-megahertz (MHz), 12-bit ADC to digitize the AM/FM IF signal from the radio tuner with the high precision needed for optimum AM/FM and HD Radio performance.

The power of performance

While offering the same HD Radio benefits as in the DRI200, the DRI250 also provides exceptional AM/FM radio performance for automotive receivers. Part of this performance improvement comes through the oversampling done by the 12 bit ADC on the DRI8201. In addition, through software radio algorithms, such as adaptive stereo separation and adaptive audio bandwidth control, the DRI250 addresses the specifications of audio signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), total harmonic distortion + noise and stereo separation and sensitivity, all of which are critical in delivering superior quality audio sound and reception to the listener.

Availability and pricing

Samples of the new DRI250 baseband and DRI8201 AFE are available in the fourth quarter of this year, with volume production expected to be available in early 2004. Sample pricing for DRI250 is $30 each and $8 each for the DRI8201.

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