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Texas Instruments and Audyssey Laboratories Create "Sweet Spots" for All Listeners in the Home Theater

New Technologies Mark Industry's First Demonstration of Automatic Room Correction for Low-Cost to High-End Home Theater Systems

Sep 4, 2003

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (September 4, 2003) - Delivering the highest quality sound for high volume home audio, home theater in a box (HTiB) products and professional sound systems, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) and Audyssey Laboratories today announced the patent-pending MultEQTM and MultEQ LETM technologies that are the first to automatically calibrate entire audio systems for multiple listeners in a room by eliminating frequency response distortions inherent in most acoustical environments. Developed by Audyssey exclusively for use with TI´s digital signal processors (DSP), these technologies will be demonstrated during the CEDIA EXPO (September 4 - 6, 2003) in TI´s demo suite at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. (See www.ti.com/audyssey1.)
Based primarily on pattern recognition and the human hearing system, MultEQ and MultEQ LE leverage the performance of TI's DSP to correct Room Acoustic Distortion (RAD), audible sound distortions that are caused by interactions within a room, ensuring that all listeners experience the same level of high quality sound.
"Sound produced by even the highest quality loudspeakers is distorted by room acoustics," said Phil Hilmes, chief executive officer, Audyssey Laboratories. "Most audio systems are either incorrectly set up or do not have the ability to accommodate multiple listeners. Now, MultEQ and MultEQ LE optimize sound system performance for all listeners in a room, thus eliminating the limitations of the sweet spot."
To enhance room acoustics for all listeners in a group setting, MultEQ, Audyssey's primary solution offering, requires a set up time of less than ten minutes to obtain the exact room and audio system characteristics. By sitting in a few different listening positions and pressing a button on the remote control, the entire audio system is calibrated automatically within seconds to provide the best possible sound for the consumer. MultEQ LE, which addresses the needs of home theater in a box (HTiB) systems and does not require any additional consumer set up, is also available. Both solutions provide an effective, multiple listener room correction solution, thereby eliminating the need to spatially average different sound distortions between the various positions.
"We are excited to work with Audyssey to enable the first real-time room correction technology for multiple listeners in low cost to high end products," said Curt Moore, business manager of Performance Audio, TI. "TI is dedicated to providing complete, feature-rich system solutions for multi-channel audio, and we believe the combination of MultEQ and MultEQ LE technology with TI's cost-effective DSP portfolio will allow manufacturers to deliver the most compelling audio experience."
Available for integration in low-cost, high volume home theater products, MultEQ and MultEQ LE audio technologies will be offered exclusively with TI´s Aureus audio DSP solutions. TI and Audyssey are engaging with customers today on MultEQ and MultEQ LE technology, so for more information, please contact Audyssey at www.audysseylabs.com. To hear a live demonstration of MultEQ and MultEQ LE technology at the CEDIA show, please contact TI´s suite (the Florida Room at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown) for an appointment at (317) 822-3500.