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Panasonic and Orient Power Choose TI's New Digital Amplifiers for Smaller, High-Power Home Theater Products

TI Introduces New PurePath Digital(TM) Devices Offering Greater Efficiency While Lowering System Cost

Aug 11, 2003

DALLAS, (August 11, 2003) -- Answering market demands for higher efficiency in digital audio quality, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced that Panasonic and Orient Power will be utilizing new digital audio amplifiers from TI´s growing line of home theater products. Featuring TI´s PurePath DigitalTM technology, the new TAS5112, a 50 watt (W) stereo power stage, and TAS5111, a single-channel power stage with a high output of 70 W, offer the highest efficiency and power available in the market and enable smaller form factors with greater functionality for home theater products. (See www.ti.com/digitalaudio2.)
In addition to the high power and efficiency of the amplifiers, manufacturers like Panasonic and Orient Power are choosing TI's TAS5112 and TAS5111, because they offer the industry's widest dynamic range and exceptional sound fidelity, plus a higher level of integration, which simplifies system design. Systems that will benefit from the TAS5111 and TAS5112 devices include DVD and A/V receivers, mini/micro combos, digital TVs and home theater-in-a-box products. The advancements in high efficiency in these new devices are enabling higher power DVD receivers in the shrinking profiles demanded by today's consumers.

Customers Tout Power and High Efficiency

Panasonic is using both the TAS5111 and TAS5112 in its new micro-DVD audio system (SC-DT310), enabling the audio signal to remain digital from the DVD to the speakers for crisp and clear sound quality. The 400 W DT310 has already received several industry accolades, including "Best Buy" ratings from several prominent consumer electronics magazines. It contains a DVD player, six speakers with DVD 5.1 front, dual and center channels, rear surround dual channels and a subwoofer. 

"Panasonic chose TI's




to power its award-winning DT310 home theater system, because they enable exceptional sound quality," said Hirotaka Endo, senior staff engineer, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. "TI's digital audio technology enables us to pack the most power in a compact and stylish design, helping us to differentiate our audio products."

TI's digital audio amplifier technology is also designed into Panasonic's latest slim digital home theater receiver (SA-XR25). Leveraging TI's power-efficiency, the six-channel XR25 is only 55mm tall, the smallest A/V receiver at its power range in the market. These home theater products are Panasonic's second generation of products based on TI's PurePath Digital amplifier technology.

Orient Power, an ODM based in Hong Kong, builds audio systems for its own brands, as well as for major consumer electronics OEMs. "The new TAS511x digital audio amps allow us to build unique products that meet our customers' needs," said CH Leung, General Manager-Product Management, Orient Power. "The high efficiency of TI's digital audio products coupled with their outstanding support enable us to offer manufacturers cost-effective, feature-rich systems in compact form factors."

TI Enables the Industry´s Highest Efficiency

Leveraging two 50 W channels at 6 ohms per channel, the TAS5112 dual-channel amplifier replaces two single-channel amps, simplifying the design, saving board space and lowering the manufacturer´s cost per channel cost by roughly a third compared with previous generation devices. The TAS5111 is the industry´s first device to provide 70 W, 4 ohms per channel at less than 0.2% THD+n. At efficiencies greater than 90 percent, these devices offer the industry´s most efficient power stage, reducing heat loss to enable more compact systems by shrinking heatsink and power supply size.

"The TAS511x amplifiers are yet another example of TI's growing portfolio of digital audio solutions for an ever-changing and demanding market," said C.C. Chen, Digital Audio manager at TI. "As an innovator in digital entertainment, TI continues to offer additions to our wide range of audio products to best fit the needs of our customers."

TI´s PurePath Digital Audio Technology

TI´s PurePath Digital technology allows consumer electronics manufacturers to build completely digital, end-to-end audio products with cutting-edge sound reproduction. PurePath Digital technology is implemented in TI´s digital amplifiers and produces the most lifelike sound in a compact form factor. By bringing movie soundtracks or music to the listener exactly the way the artist intended, PurePath Digital technology offers the best in high-end digital entertainment to the everyday consumer.

Availability, Packaging and Pricing

TI´s TAS5111 and TAS5112 digital audio amplifiers are available now in volume production. The TAS5111 is available in a 32-pin PowerPadTM high-temperature shrink small outline package (HTSSOP). The TAS5112 is available in a 56-pin PowerPadTM HTSSOP and also in a PSOP-3 package. Planned pricing in 1K quantities is $2.29 each for the TAS5111, $3.95 each for the TAS5112.