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Texas Instruments OMAPTM Processors To Enable New Levels Of Multimedia Performance On Handspring's Award-Winning New Treo Smartphone

TI's OMAP Processor Brings High Performance to Handspring's Innovative Treo 600

Aug 4, 2003

DALLAS (August 4, 2003) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced that TI's OMAP processors will enable a wide range of applications and services on Handspring's newest Treo 600 smartphone. The innovative, new Treo 600 combines a mobile phone and a Palm OS-based organizer with messaging, e-mail, and web browsing features in one compact device.
"Handspring and TI have worked closely to enable high performance and a broad range of features for the Treo 600 series, such as graphics-intensive applications, video streaming and secure web browsing," said Calin Pacurariu, director of GSM products, Handspring, Inc. "We've been very impressed with the performance and power efficiency that TI's OMAP processors bring to Treo's innovative new design."
The Treo 600 smartphone is powered by TI's OMAP310 processor, a power-efficient TI-enhanced ARM925 applications processor for 2.5 and 3G handsets. The combination of the powerful OMAP processor and Palm OS 5 enable graphics-intensive applications, multimedia functions such as sound and video playback, and the management of large databases.
"The exciting Handspring Treo is delivering tomorrow's wireless lifestyle today with its sleek new design and advanced feature set," said Alain Mutricy, TI vice president and OMAP platform general manager. "Now, based on TI's industry leading OMAP platform, the Treo will provide users with powerful multimedia applications and extended battery life for added convenience, fun and productivity."
The Handspring Treo 600 smartphone was named "Best of Show" in the mobile and wireless services category at the recent CeBit America trade fair in New York, NY. Handspring, which expects its first Treo 600 products to be available worldwide this fall, is working with leading wireless operators including Sprint in North America and Orange S.A. throughout Europe to customize products for their respective networks, applications and brands.