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Elmic Systems and Texas Instruments Help Vocera Bring Instant Communication to Mobile Workers

Turbo Treck Suite and TMS320C5000(TM) DSP Platform Provide Winning Combination for Vocera Communicator

Jul 28, 2003

HOUSTON (July 28, 2003) - Enabling mobile workers to perform their jobs more effectively, Elmic Systems, Inc., a leading supplier of embedded Internet protocols, and Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE:TXN) provided the technological innovation for Vocera´s new communications system. Powered by Elmic´s Turbo Treck TCP/IP stack and a power-efficient TI digital signal processor (DSP), the Vocera Communications Badge is a wearable, voice-driven device that enables instant communication within a building or campus environment. For more information, or for a photo of the Vocera Badge, see www.ti.com/vocera

The lightweight, 4.2-inch, clip-on badge enables simple, instant voice communication that users control with naturally spoken commands. The Vocera system, which operates on a Microsoft Windows 2000-based server and has 802.11b wireless access, has a built-in directory which allows users to initiate calls by user name, group, location or job function. It also includes other useful features such as text messaging, conference calling, call blocking and screening as well as a "do not disturb" mode.
This system is ideal for team-oriented mobile workers in hospitals, retail stores and other in-building environments, allowing them to easily stay in constant contact to effectively perform their jobs. Elmic Systems presented the Vocera Communications System at the Embedded Systems Conference San Francisco 2003 where they were named "Best of Show."
"The customer response to our new communications system has been tremendous. We appreciate the design support from our partners, Elmic and TI," said Brent Lang, vice president of marketing, Vocera. "The easy integration of both software and hardware has made it possible for us to quickly bring this product to market."

Hardware/Software Integration Made Possible with TMS320C5409 DSP

Elmic Systems´ embedded networking software, Turbo Treck TCP/IP, DHCP and IGMP, operates at the connections manager layer, helping to facilitate and manage connections between access points. The embedded protocol suite is pre-configured to work seamlessly with TI´s TMS320C5409 DSP to enable power-efficient, wireless communications.

"Elmic Systems has made it a priority to optimize the Turbo Treck stack for a variety of popular DSP platforms," said Kevin McGuire, president, Elmic Systems. "Elmic's software works magnificently on TI DSP silicon and this combination allows developers to create innovative and useful products that enable people to utilize networking in ways never before imagined."

TI's TMS320C5409 fixed-point DSP is ideal for power-efficient performance applications that are battery powered, like the Vocera Communications System. It offers up to 160 million instructions per second of signal processing performance at low-power consumption with the flexibility to support various system voltage configurations. In addition to the DSP, Vocera utilizes products from TI's logic and high performance analog product portfolios.

"The Vocera Communications Badge is a great example of how our low-power TMS320C5000


 DSPs are used as engines for the wireless Internet," said Leon Adams, TMS320


 DSP product marketing manager, TI. "Vocera´s use of Elmic´s TCP/IP software stack shows how an innovative company can take advantage of the broad array of quality software available for TI DSPs to accelerate their time to market and create breakthrough, category leading products."