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TI's High-Speed Amplifiers Offer Superior DC Performance for High-End Signal Processing Applications

Voltage-Feedback Devices Extend "Speed with Precision" Amplifier Family

Jul 18, 2003

TUCSON, Ariz. (July 18, 2003) - Texas Instruments (TI) Incorporated (NYSE: TXN) today announced a family of high-speed operational amplifiers from the company´s Burr-Brown product line, featuring wide bandwidth, low distortion and low noise. The devices are ideal for driving 12- to 16-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADC) and digital-to-analog converters (DAC), as well as general-purpose op amp applications including video line drivers, wideband integrators, active filtering and low-noise receivers. (See amplifier.ti.com/sc03147.)

"The OPA84x family provides a level of speed and dynamic range previously unattainable in a monolithic op amp," said Michael Steffes, strategic marketing manager of TI's high-speed signal processing group. "These products give customers a lower-priced alternative with unequaled DC precision and AC signal handling properties versus competitive offerings."
The OPA842 utilizes a unity-gain stable, voltage feedback architecture with two internal gain stages to achieve exceptionally low harmonic distortion (-93dBc at 5MHz) over a wide frequency range. The OPA842 features 400MHz bandwidth (G = 1), 200MHz gain bandwidth product, 400V/us slew rate, 2.6nV/rtHz input noise, fast 12-bit settling (22ns at 0.01%), 110dB open-loop gain and 100mA output current.
The OPA843 uses a higher gain bandwidth, two gain-stage design to achieve a medium gain range with exceptional dynamic range. A low-noise input complements this high dynamic range with DC precision improved over all previous high-speed amplifiers. The OPA843 features 2.0nV/rtHz input noise, 260MHz bandwidth (G = 5), 800MHz gain bandwidth product, 1,000V/us slew rate, -96dBc distortion (5MHz), fast 12-bit settling time (10.5ns at 0.01%), 110dB open-loop gain and 100mA output current.
The OPA846 steps the gain bandwidth up another step with even lower input noise. The OPA846 features 400MHZ bandwidth (G = 10), 1.75GHz gain bandwidth product, 625V/us slew rate and 1.2nV/rtHz input noise on 12.6mA supply current.
The OPA847 gives the industry's highest gain bandwidth (3.9GHz) and lowest input voltage noise (0.85nV/rtHz). Other features include 900V/us slew rate, 18mA supply current, +/-65mA output current and -95dBc distortion (5MHz). Where power savings is critical, the OPA847 includes an optional power shutdown pin that will decrease power dissipation to
All devices in the OPA84x family offer low input offset voltage (300uV), low input offset current (350nA) and very stable DC/AC performance over temperature.

Available Today

The OPA84x family is packaged in SOT23 and SO-8 packages. Suggested resale pricing is based on 1,000 piece quantities: