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TI Expands Digital Media Processor Suite to Provide Tailored Performance, Price and Integration Options for Video and Imaging

Multi-channel H.264, MPEG-4, Windows Media 9 Technology Supported with Silicon Solutions Starting at $19.95

Jun 25, 2003

HOUSTON (June 25, 2003) Providing video and imaging designers the flexibility to choose the optimal combinations of performance, price and peripheral integration, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today unveiled two new digital media processors tailored for the video and imaging market, specifically video over IP, video-on-demand (VOD), multi-channel digital video recording applications and high-quality video encoding and decoding solutions.  Additionally, TI announces the immediate availability of the TMS320DM642 (DM642) digital media processor and development kit (www.ti.com/dm64xpr).

The new 500 and 600 MHz versions of the TMS320DM641 (DM641) and the 400 MHz TMS320DM640 (DM640) processors address the needs of a wide spectrum of video-client type applications such as IP-based video recorders, set-top boxes, security surveillance and network cameras with next-generation functionality, with real-time resolution D1 (720x480) resolution encode and decode at 30 frames per second.  Built on the proven architecture of TI´s TMS320C64x™ generation of DSPs, this full suite of digital media processors is code compatible with TI´s other C64x digital signal processors and can interface with up to six simultaneous 8-bit BT 656-compliant video streams. 

The DM642, DM641 and DM640 processors offer on-chip integrated video ports, glueless Ethernet and multi-channel audio.  This level of integration surpasses many traditional hard-wired fixed function chipsets while offering the convenience of software programmability.  The processors are capable of performing up to four simultaneous MPEG-2 main-profile-at-main-level (MP@ML) video decodes at full D1 resolution in real time.  The suite of devices is also capable of full  video encoding in real time and offers the industry´s first code support for broadcast-quality Windows Media 9 encode and decode technology.  In addition, these devices support the latest industry standard algorithms including MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) decode. 

"The new DM641 and DM640 present an attractive roadmap option for advancing current product designs in next-generation video client solutions," said Yvonne Cager, video solutions marketing manager, TI.  "TI is committed to providing options that our customers need to develop high-quality video products while easing development time and reducing system cost." 

Recognizing the value of precious design time and resources, TI has compiled a suite of development tools and partners that enable OEMs to significantly reduce design time.  The new DM64x development kit consists of a base board as well as a full suite of Code Composer Studio™ and eXpressDSP™ software and development tools to speed code development.  The board includes a complementary portfolio of products from TI´s analog group such as audio codecs, power management ICs, transceivers, driver/receivers, clock generators and signal conditioning devices.  The development kit also includes a daughter card expansion connector that allows integration of additional system capabilities. 

With the TMS320DM64x™ suite´s code compatibility and full software programmability, customers can rapidly develop their products with the latest algorithms for faster market deployment and even upgrade them remotely as standards evolve and new software technologies emerge.  Designers can get started today with DM642 samples and the development kit and take advantage of the broad range of high performance and lower cost options:

  • DM642 – sampling now; pricing starts at $49 for 600 MHz and $45 for 500 MHz, in 10k units.

  • DM641 sampling in 4Q 2003; pricing starts at $37 for 600 MHz and $32 for 500 MHz, in 10k units.

  • DM640 sampling in 4Q 2003; pricing starts at $19.95 for 400 MHz in 10k units.


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