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Texas Instruments Introduces Two New DSP Starter Kits Providing Low-Cost Entry for High-Performance Fixed- and Floating-Point DSP Designs

New DSKs include easy-to-use design tools and software that enable customers to begin designs immediately

Jun 16, 2003

HOUSTON (June 16, 2003) -- Continuing to make digital signal processor (DSP) system development faster and easier, Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced today the immediate availability of two low-cost DSP starter kits (DSKs): the first low-cost DSK for the high-performance TMS320C64x™ fixed-point DSP generation, and a new high-precision DSK for the TMS320C67x™ floating-point generation.  The new DSKs, co-developed with Spectrum Digital and priced at $395 each, provide complete hardware and software platforms for the development of systems based on TI’s TMS320C6000™ DSPs, TI's highest-performing platform of DSP products.  With USB plug-and-play functionality, interfaces to application-specific daughter cards, downloadable source code and a full-featured DSK version of TI's Code Composer Studio™, the DSKs speed time to market for developers, especially those who are new to high-performance DSPs.  For more information, see: www.ti.com/c6000dsksp.  

The low cost and ease of design inherent in the new DSKs will allow developers to get started quickly on a variety of high-performance applications.  For the C6416 fixed-point DSK, these include multichannel wireless, video and media infrastructure, video/imaging, network and other processing-intensive applications, while the C6713 floating-point DSK targets high-precision applications in the audio, medical imaging, test and instrumentation and automotive markets.  To ease development of these systems, the kits have been designed to simplify hardware connectivity and speed code development with USB and expansion card interfaces and greater on-board memory.  The tools for these DSKs also include device simulators to provide support for advanced tools such as cache analysis and the profiling of multiple events to allow increased visibility into system behavior for developers of highly demanding applications.  Demos of the cache analysis tool and the multi-event profiler being used to measure code coverage are available at www.ti.com/c6000dskdemos

"The low-cost C6416 and C6713 DSKs will open up high-performance DSPs to a whole new group of system developers," said Joseph Facca, C6000 tools manager, TI.  "By offering an easy-to-use complete package at a low price, we are responding to customers who want a low-cost entry point for our highest-performing DSPs." 

Software and expansion capability give developers a head start


To help DSK developers get started quickly, users can download easy-to-use software reference frameworks from www.ti.com/downloadrfnow1.  This production-quality source code that is adaptable to many applications, allows developers to focus on differentiating their product rather than writing low-level code.  TI also offers optimized libraries and application code from TI and its third parties that work with the reference frameworks.  The DSKs include expansion port connectors that interface to plug-in modules from TI and its third party network to extend the development system for networking, video and other applications.  Available third party daughtercards for both DSKs are listed at www.ti.com/c6000dsksp.  


Key DSP and DSK features


Included on board the C6416 DSK is 16 MB of SDRAM for handling high-performance, memory-intensive applications such as multichannel systems. The TMS320C6416 fixed-point

DSP at the heart of the C6416 DSK is a 600-megahertz (MHz) device that can achieve up to 4800 million instructions per second (MIPS) in performance.  The processing-intensive C6416 DSP architecture features a two-level cache and Very-Long Instruction Word (VLIW) parallelism capable of performing eight 32-bit instructions per cycle. 


The C6713 DSK includes 8MB of on-board SDRAM and an emulation header with a multichannel audio serial port (McASP), HPI and I2C interfaces. The C6713 DSK is based on the high-precision TMS320C6713 DSP, TI's most advanced floating-point DSP.  With a two-level cache and VLIW architecture, the C6713 DSP achieves performance up to 1800 MIPS and 1350 million floating-point operations per second (MFLOPS). Other features common to both DSKs can be found at www.ti.com/c6000dsksp


One-day DSK workshops available now


Designers using the C6416 and C6713 DSKs have access to the industry's most comprehensive support network, which includes training, documentation, access to experts and TI's Web site.  More than 40 workshops in 30 U.S. cities will be offered throughout the year to give designers hands-on experience with the new DSKs.  Dates and locations of these workshops can be found at www.ti.com/c6000dsktrainings


Pricing and Availability 


The C6416 and C6713 DSKs, each priced at $395 per unit, are available now from TI distributors, the TI e-Store and directly from Spectrum Digital. To order a kit or to get more information on the DSKs, see www.ti.com/c6000dsksp.

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