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New Low-Noise, High-Speed Op Amp From Texas Instruments Drives 16-Bit Systems

First Device Manufactured Using TI's New Advanced Analog Process

Jun 3, 2003

TUCSON, Ariz. (June 3, 2003) - Texas Instruments (TI) Incorporated (NYSE:TXN) today announced a low-noise, high-speed CMOS operational amplifier (op amp) from the company´s Burr-Brown product line. This voltage-feedback op amp, which is designed for 16-bit resolution systems, is the first product to be manufactured using TI´s new HPA07 precision analog process. (See amplifier.ti.com/sc03109.)

High bandwidth (180MHz), low noise (3nV/rtHz), fast settling (150ns to 0.0015%) and low harmonic distortion (0.003%) make the OPA300 ideal for driving the industry's highest performance 16-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), such as TI's ADS8401 and ADS8402 - the industry's first 16-bit SAR data converters to surpass 1MSPS (1.25MSPS).
"The OPA300 provides customers with a true 5V single supply solution for driving high-speed SAR ADCs without compromising performance or using a negative power supply," said Tadija Janjic, strategic marketing engineer of TI's high-performance amplifier products. "This 'complete solution' approach from TI gives designers a cost-effective, high-performance data acquisition system."
Single-supply applications will benefit from operation on 2.7V (+/-1.35V) and 5.5V (+/-2.75V). Power-sensitive applications will benefit from a shutdown function that reduces quiescent current (7mA) to 2uA. The OPA300 features rail-to-rail output swing (100mV typically) and wide common-mode range. In addition to buffering 16- and 18-bit ADCs, the OPA300 is well suited to low-noise preamplifier, IF/RF amplifier and active filtering applications. It is specified over the extended industrial temperature range of -40C to +125C.

High-Performance Analog Manufacturing Process

TI´s HPA07 process offers the industry´s lowest CMOS noise performance, very precise thin-film resistors, higher levels of integration and high-volume 200mm wafer production. TI currently has over 30 products in development on HPA07 that will take advantage of its increased analog performance. (For more information on HPA07, see http://focus.ti.com/docs/pr/pressrelease.jhtml?prelId=sc03108).

Available Today

The OPA300 comes in SO-8 packages, and is available now from TI and its authorized distributors. SOT23-6 packaging will be available in Q3 2003. Suggested resale pricing starts at $1.25 in 1,000 piece quantities.