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TI Introduces New High-Performance Analog Manufacturing Process For Advanced Data Converters and Amplifiers

Over 30 High-Precision, Low-Noise Products Now in Development

Jun 3, 2003

Dallas, TX (June 3, 2003) - Extending its leadership in high-performance analog and mixed-signal technology, Texas Instruments (TI) Incorporated (NYSE: TXN) today announced a new high-performance manufacturing process which enables the development of advanced analog products, such as analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), operational amplifiers and power amplifiers. Designers of high-performance systems, such as test and measurement, medical instrumentation, industrial process control and communications, will benefit from the lowest CMOS noise performance in the industry, higher levels of integration and high-volume 200mm wafer production offered by the new technology. (See www.ti.com/sc03108.)
"The release of the HPA07 process illustrates TI's ongoing commitment to the high-performance analog market. This technology will enable our analog engineers to create a leadership portfolio of high-performance analog solutions that will surpass customers' precision and integration requirements," said Lou Hutter, manager of TI's mixed-signal technology development.

Development of Advanced Analog Portfolio

HPA07 incorporates high quality passive components critical to enabling the efficient design of high-performance analog products: metal-to-silicide (very low voltage coefficient) precision capacitors without hysteresis, and very precise, laser-trimmable thin-film resistors.

The unique process capabilities and rich feature set of HPA07 will allow TI's analog engineers to develop standalone circuit blocks and combine diverse functions to create highly-integrated functional circuits with unequaled precision analog specifications. The combination of a precision capacitor with less than 5 ppm/V voltage coefficient, 1kOhm/square SiCr resistors, 5V analog CMOS with low 1/f noise and 30V drain extended CMOS has provided designers with high-precision components optimized for a wide range of new product designs.

TI currently has over 30 products in development on HPA07 that will take advantage of its increased analog performance. The precision capacitor characteristics will make it possible to design successive approximation data converters with superior integral nonlinearity (INL). The SiCr resistor will enable the integration of eight 16-bit R2R-type DACs in a 48-lead TSSOP package. Precision instrumentation amplifiers can also be designed to utilize the precise matching and laser trim of SiCr resistors.

First HPA07 Device Available Today

The first product to be manufactured using the HPA07 process, a precision operational amplifier, is available today from stock. The OPA300 is a low-noise, high-speed op amp designed to interface with high-speed 16-bit ADCs, such as TI´s ADS8401 - a 16-bit, 1.25Msamples/s ADC. The 1/f noise of the OPA300 is 20% better than equivalent designs on TSMC´s analog CMOS. The component matching and stability over time offered by HPA07 enables products like the OPA300 to achieve better accuracy.

The HPA07 process, developed in TI facilities in Dallas, Texas, with contributions from a worldwide TI engineering team, is fully qualified. A 3.3V version of HPA07 will be available for designs in 3Q 2003. This process will offer all of the excellent characteristics of the 5V version.