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Leading Cable Modem Manufacturers Choose Retail-Ready Residential Gateway Solutions from Texas Instruments

Cost Effective Solutions Offer Compelling Mix of Product Features to Enable Cable Modem Replacement Market

May 29, 2003

DALLAS (May 29, 2003) - Retail-ready residential gateway (RG) solutions based on DOCSIS® and wireless LAN technology from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) are ready to hit the shelves from leading broadband retail providers including NETGEAR, SMC and TOSHIBA. The platforms provide consumers with a compelling set of high demand product features that are expected to create a consumer driven upgrade market for cable modems, as well as entice new users who desire broadband connectivity throughout the home.
Expected to be available at consumer-friendly price points, the RG solutions are DOCSIS 2.0 ready and feature TI´s TurboDOXTM bandwidth acceleration software. TurboDOX, a software package for cable modems, enhances the user experience of DOCSIS-based and Euro-DOCSISTM-based modems by significantly increasing download speeds of popular applications including File Transfer Protocol (FTP), peer-2-peer, file sharing services and picture and media server uploads. The solutions also include third-party software from leading RG suppliers providing advanced security, routing and managed service functionality.
"Retail customers demand a more cost effective, easy-to-use and feature-rich networking solution that is DOCSIS-certified and compatible with all the leading cable Internet service providers, " said David James, Gateway Product Manager at NETGEAR. "We are looking to TI's Residential Gateway solution and its TurboDOX bandwidth acceleration software to help differentiate our platform from other solutions on the market today."
"SMC Networks has set high standards for high-performance, easy-to-use connectivity products for homes and businesses," said Kelaine Hamilton, SMC's product line manager for Broadband connectivity. "TI's highly flexible RG solution, combined with its TurboDOX bandwidth acceleration software, allows SMC to provide a superior broadband connectivity solution for consumers. Our new SMC8013WG leverages TI's outstanding advances in speed, flexibility and standards-compliance, making it exactly the product the retail cable modem market has been waiting for."
In addition, TI's collaboration with third party software suppliers, Ashley Laurent and Jungo, enables manufacturers to add flexible RG and CableHome functionality to the TI solution. Ashley Laurent and Jungo have each designed their software to complement TI's DOCSIS code through a standard application programming interface (API).
"TI truly differentiates themselves from other suppliers by providing a highly comprehensive RG solution that includes DOCSIS, wireless LAN, firewall and NAT," said Yoshitada Himeno, vice president, Server & Network Division of Toshiba Corporation. "By leveraging the TI platform, we can stay focused on delivering market leading and feature rich products to our customers."

About TI Cable Modems

Texas Instruments provides cable OEMs and ODMs time-to-market advantages by providing a complete cable modem system solutions including field-hardened DOCISIS software and ready to manufacture hardware. In addition, TI allows manufacturers to differentiate themselves by enabling increased network capacity with its TurboDOX bandwidth acceleration software. TI´s cable business is part of the company´s comprehensive portfolio of broadband solutions including WLAN, DSL modems and infrastructure, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateways and carrier infrastructure. (See www.ti.com/cablemodem.)