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Texas Instruments New Development Tools and Price Reductions Offer Embedded Control Developers Ideal DSP Entry Point

May 27, 2003

HOUSTON (May 27, 2003) – Enabling embedded control developers to quickly get started on its TMS320C24x™ and C28x™ generations of DSP controllers, Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE:TXN) today unveiled two new development tools bundles for the TMS320F2812 DSP controller and an upgraded development module for the TMS320LF2407 DSP Controller.  Additionally, TI has reduced the price for Code Composer Studio™ (CCStudio) v2.2 for the C2000™ DSPs which is now free with the purchase of a one-year subscription of $495 through September 30, 2003. See www.ti.com/cntrltools for more information. 

"Our C2000 DSP controllers provide the ultimate combination of microcontroller peripheral integration and ease of use with the real-time processing performance of a DSP. For developers wishing to leverage our DSP controllers, these two new and enhanced bundles are ideal development tools that showcase the advantages that our DSPs offer" said Jennifer Skinner-Gray, motor control manager, TI. 

The TMDXEVP2812 and TMDXEVU2812 development bundles, for the F2812 DSP controller, include the eZdsp starter kit, a full version of CCStudio v2.2 and XDS510 emulator for either parallel port or USB emulation. The bundles are available for $1,995 and $2,295, respectively.  Also, the TMDS3P701016A  bundle, for the LF2407, now includes a full version of CCStudio v2.2 for $1,995.  Both bundles will be available at the beginning of June.  

CCStudio v2.2 (TMDSCCS2000-1) incorporates a powerful set of integrated development tools that can be enhanced with TI and third party plug-ins.  CCStudio supports all C2000 devices and features TI´s compilers with patented technologies designed to provide designers with the most optimized code for their DSP control systems.  With all of these tools in one simple-to-use environment, CCStudio boosts developers´ effectiveness and productivity and eases the managing of multiple or large projects.   

Subsequent yearly subscriptions to CCStudio are currently available for $495. Both are available immediately at www.dspestore.com


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