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Survey Says: Consumers Rate Picture Quality as Top Consideration When Purchasing Digital Still Camera

May 21, 2003

DALLAS (May 21, 2003) - According to a Texas Instruments-sponsored survey, 97 percent of digital still camera owners, and those intending to purchase within six months, rate picture quality as the most important attribute to consider when making a product selection. Ease of use is rated as the second most important attribute at 89 percent and camera resolution as the third at 86 percent. (See www.ti.com/dscresearch.) "
Digital camera penetration of U.S. households is expected to rise from 20 percent to 30 percent by the end of 2003," said Michelle Slaughter, director of Digital Photography Trends at InfoTrends Research Group. "When looking at this significant growth curve, the need for manufacturers to clearly understand consumers' wants and needs is critical in selecting the design elements that will meet consumers' feature requirements."

Additional Survey Results

Of the 14 attributes listed in the survey, both the digital still camera owners and those intending to purchase cameras (intenders) rate the same top three elements to consider regarding the purchase of a camera. Conversely, results indicate that battery life and video capabilities are more important to the intenders than to the owners. In addition, the brand of the camera is significantly more important to the owners than to the intenders. "TI conducted this study to verify that the course of our product development for DSC processors remains in line with what OEMs need to deliver to the market," said Dave Pahl, business manager for TI´s Digital Still/Digital Video Camera group. "It is important that we understand what consumers want because many of the camera´s functions are executed at the silicon level, and can be enabled by a software programmable, DSP-based solution."

The Silicon Drives Camera Features

Picture quality and resolution are two customer care-abouts that TI can directly influence. Its DSP-based digital media processor platform contributes to overall picture quality with high-speed processing capabilities, which enables greater resolution, sharper, higher-quality pictures, and video capabilities. In addition, this programmable platform is able to process greater volumes of image data at higher speeds, thus providing higher resolution images and meeting the consumers´ demand for higher megapixel cameras that do not compromise other featuresets of the device. 

"Consumer research is critical to digital still camera OEM's because it gives us invaluable insight into the evolving consumers needs," said Marjorie Stell, Worldwide Product Manager, Digital Cameras, Digital and Applied Imaging, Eastman Kodak Company. "In addition, the research allows chip-level manufacturers such as TI to address these wants and needs at a design level, and ultimately enables us to deliver the products consumers are demanding."

Survey Details

Completed between February 14 and February 20, 2003, TI sponsored this blind online survey among 630 participants, all of who were at least 18 years old with a total household income of $35,000 or more. Two-thirds of respondents were between the ages of 35 -54, and over half of all respondents were female. The survey polled the importance to owners and intenders of various attributes including picture quality, ease of use, resolution, price, battery life, computer/printer connection, zoom capabilities, size, brand, etc.

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