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New IP Phone Solution from Texas Instruments Offers Revolutionary Expandability to Next-Generation Communications Devices

Highly Integrated System-on-a-Chip Affords Increased Design Flexibility for IP Phone Manufacturers and Decreased Cost, Time-to-Market

May 19, 2003

DALLAS (May 19, 2003) -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) today announced the availability of its next-generation IP phone solution, based on the most highly integrated processor available for IP phone applications. This complete, system-on-a-chip leverages superior architecture, powerful processing technology and increased expandability options, enabling product designers and manufacturers to rapidly create differentiated and innovative IP phone offerings (See www.ti.com/iptelephone.)

TI´s new TNETV1050 IP phone processor, based on the TMS320C55xTM DSP and an enhanced high-speed MIPSTM32 RISC core, provides the superior processing horsepower needed to support current and evolving IP phone standards, as well as the addition of advanced functionality. This device takes full advantage of TI´s investment in communication processors for Voice over IP (VoIP) applications, and meets the requirements of demanding IP phone applications with faster inter-processor communications, increased data and instruction cache memory, and more on-chip RAM. 
The TNETV1050 integrates a specialized dual-channel, 16-bit audio codec (including handset, headset and speaker drivers) and an Ethernet subsystem, which includes two Ethernet MACs and PHYs and a three-port line rate switch. The platform can also be used with TI's recently announced 802.3af-compliant TPS2370 power interface switch to support Power over Ethernet (PoE), providing increased capability and reliability when implementing Ethernet-powered IP phones. The integration of these elements on the chip further reduces the solution's bill of materials cost and component count.
"In today's market, IP phone designers are challenged to deliver low-cost products using restrained resources and shorter design cycles," said Sam Lucero, voice and data networks research analyst at In-Stat/MDR. "The TNETV1050 processor's impressive expandability features, coupled with its powerful processing power and integrated VoIP software, affords OEMs distinct benefits in designing innovative IP phone-based solutions."
A complete software and silicon solution, the TNETV1050 platform incorporates TI´s field-proven Telogy SoftwareTM, including pre-integrated industry operating systems and protocol stacks, such as H.323 and session initiation protocol (SIP). This pre-integration decreases the investment manufacturers must make in order to offer standard features on their products and enables them to focus time on developing high-end, revenue-generating applications. 
Furthermore, since this software has been deployed and tested in a wide range of applications and phones available today, TI's field-hardened solution reduces instances of post-deployment product returns and issues.
Using TI´s versatile VLYNQTM chip-to-chip serial interface, IP phone manufacturers can now map additional functionality into their products either at the time of their design, or later, as demand for a feature or application emerges. With VLYNQ, manufacturers can add on-board co-processors and peripherals that transform their products into enhanced communications devices. In addition to supporting voice, these devices will also support low-cost encryption, video, multimedia, wireless and security applications.
"The TNETV1050 provides revolutionary expandability and processing horsepower for IP phone manufacturers," said Fred Zimmerman, executive director, customer premise solutions, TI's VoIP Business Unit. "Simple IP phones now can be made into robust, multi-function, communications devices that can be used to browse the web, share and download files, or provide wireless connectivity, with the potential to transform the way end users experience IP telephony."
Dramatically extending the functionality of IP phones, the TNETV1050 features a USB interface, enabling end users to connect to any USB-enabled external peripheral device such as a video camera, PDA, memory stick, fingerprint recognition device or card reader. Also included on the chip are a flexible USB Host and Peripheral Controller with PHY, a keypad controller, a configurable serial port and a 16-bit color LCD controller. The flexible LCD controller, which supports three external display types -- alphanumeric, rasterized graphic and micro-interface graphic -- allows customers to build a variety of phones with different display options on the same platform. Integrating the LCD controller on the chip further reduces the bill of materials cost and component count.
Nearly 4.2 million IP phone ports were shipped worldwide in 2002, according to industry analysts, Allied Business Intelligence (ABI). It is expected that this number will more than double to over 9.2 million ports in 2003. TI, which has been supplying solutions to the IP phone industry since its inception, is the industry's leading supplier of IP phone solutions. Over 80 percent of IP phones deployed worldwide use TI's technology.

Availability & Price

TI is currently sampling the TNETV1050. Expected pricing for 100ku volumes is less than $15. A software development platform, reference design, and software are also available.