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Texas Instruments Introduces 5V High Speed CAN Transceiver with Improved Performance and 6X Enhanced Reliability

Dec 12, 2002

DALLAS (December 12, 2002) -- Providing improved performance and 6X enhanced reliability with 12kV HBM ESD protection, Texas Instruments (TI) Incorporated (NYSE: TXN) introduces a 5V controller area network (CAN) transceiver flexible for use with 5V or 3.3V DSPs, such as the TMS320F24XX, TMS320LF24XX and TMS320LF28XX families with CAN controllers. The SN65HVD251 is not limited to DSPs, and it can also be used with standalone CAN controllers and micro-controllers with CAN controllers. Intended for applications employing the CAN high-speed serial communication physical layer in accordance with the ISO 11898 Standard, the device provides differential transmit capability to the bus and differential receive capability to a CAN controller at speeds up to 1 megabit per second (Mbps). (See www.ti.com/sc02293.) 

Designed for operation in especially noisy industrial environments, the SN65HVD251 features 12kV ESD protection, a 6X reliability enhancement over existing solutions; cross-wire, over-voltage & loss of ground protections of ±36V; wide common-mode and high-impedance in off-state for continuous operation. The transceiver interfaces the single-ended CAN controller with the differential CAN bus found in industrial, building automation, and automotive applications. Applications include CAN data buses, DeviceNetTM data buses, smart distributed systems (SDS), SAE J1939 standard data bus interface, and wired or data line driver.


  • Pin compatible with the PCA82C250 and PCA82C251
  • Bus-fault protection of ±36V 
  • Bus pin ESD protection exceeds 12kV HBM 
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO 11898 
  • Designed for signaling rates up to 1 Mbps 
  • High input impedance allows up to 120 SN65HVD251 nodes on a single bus 
  • Un-powered node does not disturb the bus 
  • Low current standby mode (200uA typical) 
  • Thermal shutdown protection 
  • Glitch-free power-up and power-down bus protection for hot-plugging applications 

Available Today

The SN65HVD251 family of products are available now from TI and its authorized distributors in 8-pin packaging at $0.82 in quantities of 1,000.