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Texas Instruments Launches Bluetooth(TM) Starter Kit for Industry's Most Advanced, Fully Certified Single-Chip Solution

New Development Tool will Speed Time to Market for Manufacturers of Bluetooth Enabled-Products

Dec 9, 2002

DALLAS (Dec. 9, 2002) -- Manufacturers developing products based on the single-chip BluetoothTM solution from Texas Instruments Incorporated (NYSE: TXN) (TI) can speed time to market with TI´s new Bluetooth Starter Kit, an evaluation and development platform that enables designers to add Bluetooth functionality to a wide range of handheld products, such as cell phones, PDAs and Human Interface Devices (HID). 
TI's BRF6100 Bluetooth Starter Kit package includes all the tools needed to develop, test and transfer Bluetooth functionality to any product and provides a perfect complement to the BRF6100, the industry's smallest, most cost-competitive and most power-efficient Bluetooth device.
"TI continues to be a principle force in Bluetooth technology and is keeping the competition on its toes by offering a single-chip solution with integrated digital RF, which appears to be an industry first, to reduce size, power consumption and cost," said Joyce Putscher, director, InStat/MDR. "The BRF6100 Starter Kit will make it easier for those with less Bluetooth expertise to build products and to broaden their product lines. Providing a method to speed time-to-market allows a manufacturer to more easily enter the market for less development dollars - a key in capturing market share and pleasing a board of directors or investors."
At the heart of the BRF6100 Bluetooth Starter Kit is a form factor reference design Bluetooth module. The starter kit main board provides all the necessary interfaces: Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) Host Controller Interface (HCI) and Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) interface for voice. The starter kit package also includes a headset, power supply, documentation and user-friendly HCI commander software for PCs, enabling a fast "out of the box" setup.

Fully Certified Solution

The BRF6100 solution is fully certified to the Bluetooth 1.1 protocol, having recently passed rigorous qualification tests in 7 layers Inc.´s accredited, independent test laboratories. These tests confirm the complete Bluetooth functionality of the BRF6100 at temperatures ranging from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius.

The Industry´s Smallest ´Complete´ Bluetooth Solution

Primarily targeted at the wireless device market, the BRF6100 offers a Bluetooth baseband, digital RF antenna switch and power management in a 6x6 millimeter (mm) package and requires only four external components and 10 decoupling capacitors. Consuming a mere 30 milliamps in peak transmit mode, the BRF6100 enables designers to add power efficient Bluetooth functionality in a space of less than 90 mm2 for less than $4 in volume -- key care-abouts for designers of space-constrained portable devices. The BRF6100 is the first implementation of TI´s digital RF architecture and uses TI´s standard 0.13 micron, copper interconnect, Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) manufacturing process to deliver considerable advantages over existing Bluetooth RF technology.

"The BRF6100 Bluetooth Starter Kit stands as a testament to TI's successful execution of the BRF6100, the industry's most technologically advanced, single-chip solution, as well as TI's commitment to truly enable the Bluetooth market," said Ariel Moshkovitz, worldwide marketing manager, TI Short Distance Wireless.

TI´s BRF6100 Bluetooth Development Kit was developed in collaboration with Teleca Systems AB and is sampling today. For more information about TI Bluetooth solutions, please see 



About Bluetooth

Bluetooth functionality offers the ability to link mobile handsets and connected networks to a variety of devices such as laptop computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs) for dial-up networking, email and synchronization, headsets and headphones for voice and audio, messaging terminals and cellular gaming devices, as well as many other cellular applications.