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Consumer Electronics OEMs Leverage TI's Digital Multimedia Processor Platform to Meet Demands for Flexible Multimedia Appliances

TI's Video and Imaging Expertise Allows Manufacturers to be Creative with Feature-Rich Portable Products

Dec 9, 2002

DALLAS (Dec. 9, 2002) -- Driving the evolution of digital multimedia imaging and video, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced that its DSP-based digital media processor is at the heart of five of the latest multimedia imaging products on the market now. Archos, Kodak, Panasonic, JVC and Sharp have each integrated TI´s TMS320DSC2x chips to gain a competitive edge with its robust performance, low power dissipation and a flexible development platform. (See http://www.ti.com/sc/digitalcamera.)
"Synthesizing the latest in electronics, computer and entertainment technology into a single, multimedia theater, the Archos Jukebox will store up to 40 hours of video, 5,000 MP3 songs, or 200,000 photos in VGA," said Henri Crohas, President of Archos. "Utilizing TI's digital media processor platform to perform all of these functions, and more, on a single chip enabled us to deliver a multimedia theatre in the palm of a hand."
"Eighty-five percent of digital cameras introduced in the U.S. this year have come with video capabilities," said Ed Lee, analyst for Lyra Research, Inc. "This convergence requires a fast processor with low power consumption. TI is well positioned to meet this demand with its range of programmable DSP-based digital media processors."
"As the portable digital multimedia appliance market continues to grow, on-the-go consumers are demanding more feature-rich devices that do not compromise the price, size or weight of the product," said Dave Pahl, worldwide manager for TI's DSC/DVC Business. "The products released by these leading manufacturers exemplify TI's video and imaging expertise. From rapid shot-to-shot processing to digital/audio integration to full support for all software encode capabilities, TI's digital media processor platform enables manufacturers to put such feature-rich devices in the hands of consumers."

Leading Products Powered by TI Available Today

Archos Technology, a designer and manufacturer of computer peripherals for personal and business use, has designed-in the TMS320DSC21 processor to power the extensive audio and video features integrated into its handheld entertainment center, the Jukebox Multimedia 20. The Jukebox Multimedia combines an MP3 music player and recorder, built-in microphone, photo album and carousel, still camera and camcorder, as well as a video player and recorder. A 20 GB Hard Drive (HD size depends on model) is able to hold 5,000 MP3 songs, 200,000 photos, 20 to 100 hours of videos, and can serve as a back up hard drive for personal data. For more information, please visit www.archos.com.

Eastman Kodak Company

, a leader in the infoimaging industry, offers the Kodak EasyShare DX4330 zoom digital camera, a 3.1 Megapixel (MP) digital camera. Powered by the TMS320DSC25 DSP-based processor, it is able to maximize its capabilities and provide fast access to various scene modes, as well as video and sound. It also includes a "share" feature, allowing users to tag pictures for easy printing, emailing or as favorites directly on the LCD display. Equipped with 16MB of memory, consumers can expand the camera´s capacity with MultiMediaCard/Secure Digital (MMC/SD) memory cards. Kodak has also introduced the Kodak EasyShare LS420 digital camera, a tiny 2.1MP digital camera weighing only five-and-a-half ounces that delivers high-quality performance with TI´s DSC21 processor. The DSC21 enables the camera to capture high-resolution still photos with minimal shot-to-shot delay, and record video clips with audio. The LS420 prints up to 8" x 10" pictures with its all-glass lens, 3X continuous digital zoom and built-in Kodak color science technology. It also introduces a night shot mode that improves the clarity of the picture subject and background. The video with audio modes is only limited in video length by the size of the memory card. The camera comes with 8 MB of internal memory, which can be extended through the use of its MMC/SD expansion slot. For more information, please visit 


Developed by


, one of the world´s leading developers and manufacturers of sophisticated audio, video and related software products, the GR-DVP7U is one of the smallest camcorders on the market. Despite its size, TI´s DSC24 enables this device to handle multiple forms of content, including still imaging, video and audio. As part of JVC´s family of MiniDV Camcorders, the camcorder comes with a 1/3.8" 1.02 MP Wide CCD image sensor, delivers 530 lines of horizontal resolution, and enables consumers to shoot high-quality digital still images with three selectable sizes -- 1280x960-, 1024x768- and 640x480-pixel. The GR-DVP7U also features a NightAlive feature to capture clear, full-color nighttime images. Designed with the computer and Internet in mind, it offers multiple ways to connect to the PC: SD Memory Card, USB cable, i.Link (IEEE1394) DV cable and Analog Input. It also acts as a Webcam, records and stores MPEG-4 video clips, and allows for computer-based editing, emailing, or uploading to Web sites, as well as support MP3 digital sound. For more information, please visit 




, a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of electronic products, utilizes the TMS320DSC24 DSP-based processor in its multi-function SV-AV10 camera. Noted as the smallest digital video recorder available, it leverages the performance of the DSC24, packing the processing power and integration needed to deliver four levels of functionality, including audio, video, image capture and voice recorder. Offering a wide array of features, the camera serves as an audio/visual SD recorder and player with a flip-out, 2-inch LCD screen. It plays back MP3s and advanced audio coding (AAC) audio. It also records and plays back up to 30 minutes of MPEG-4 video, captures up to 880 digital still photos, and functions as a voice recorder. The camera comes with a 64MB SD Memory Card. For more information, please visit 




, a worldwide developer of innovative products and core technologies that play a key role in shaping the future of electronics, has built its MT-AV1 on TI´s TMS320DSC24 chip. The portable, pocket-sized video-audio equipment features a three-inch crispy color TFT (Thin Film Transistor) screen and enables the capture of TV shows, movies, etc., by plugging a video source directly into the AV1 and recording to its internal 64 MB memory. Additional storage space can be accessed through an SD expansion port. The MT-AV1 stores and plays MP3s as well. For more information, please visit