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TI Introduces Industry's First 300 MHz Dual-MAC DSP at $5

Extends World's Most Popular Code-Compatible DSP platform with Two New Low-Power TMS320C55x(TM); Devices

Dec 9, 2002

HOUSTON (December 9, 2002) – Allowing designers substantial product differentiation, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) today announced two new low-power digital signal processors (DSPs) that deliver 300 MHz of performance at the lowest price points in the industry.  By leveraging the proven low-power TMS320C55x™ DSP architecture, the new devices enable embedded designers and manufacturers to offer next-generation functionality and longer battery life while realizing significant cost savings in applications such as embedded telecom, consumer audio, medical, biometrics and industrial sensors. (www.dspvillage.ti.com/siliconc55xp).

The dual-MAC TMS320VC5501 DSP and TMS320VC5502 DSP extend the world´s most popular TMS320C5000™ DSP platform to 32 code-compatible devices.  The C5502 DSP is scheduled to sample in the first quarter of 2003 for $9.95 (10,000 unit quantities) in 176-pin LQFP (24 mm x 24 mm) and 176-pin MicroStar BGA™  (15 mm x 15 mm) packages, while the C5501 DSP is scheduled to sample in the third quarter of 2003 for $5.00 (10,000 unit quantities).  TI also offers the C5502 DSP with 200 MHz of performance at $7.95.

     "With the C5501 and C5502 DSPs, TI has once again raised the bar on the performance, power and price paradigm," said Will Strauss, president, Forward Concepts.  "By delivering higher performing, low-power DSPs at an aggressively low price, TI is paving the way for even greater DSP proliferation, since real-time signal processing is becoming the key ingredient in virtually every innovative, smart, embedded device." 

Unmatched Performance/Power/Price Solution Enables Product Differentiation

The C5501 is the first 300MHz dual-MAC DSP to be offered at $5.00 while boasting the industry´s lowest power consumption at just under 200mW.  For industrial applications that require extended temperature, the C5501 and C5502 both support temperatures ranging from –40° to 85° C.  Both new devices are also the first 300MHz DSPs to be offered in the easy-to-layout, low-profile quad-flatpack packaging (LQPF).  The C5502 DSP´s highly integrated peripheral set includes:  

o  32 KW DARAM and 16 K ROM

o  32-bit external memory interface (EMIF)

o  16 Kbytes of instruction-cache

o  16-bit/8bit enhanced host port interface (HPI)

o  6-channel direct memory access (DMA) supporting internal and external transfers

o  I2C interface to microcontrollers and codecs for inter-chip communication

o  Up to 76 general purpose I/O pins

For the most cost demanding applications, the C5501 DSP also delivers low power and high performance with reduced RAM and EMIF capability.  No other DSP on the market offers this level of performance with low power at these price points.  Customers currently using the C5000 platform devices can easily migrate to the C5501 and C5502 as both DSPs are pin-for-pin compatible, maintaining TI’s code compatibility commitment with 30 existing products in the platform.

Process Technology Leadership Provides Competitive Advantage

The new devices are made possible by TI’s advanced process technology and commitment to research and development.  TI has been at the forefront of process innovations such as 130-nanometer copper interconnect technology and 300-millimeter wafer production.  The move to 300 mm wafers and a 130 nm process provides up to 2.4 times more die per wafer than 200 mm and can reduce production cost by up to a 60%.  These breakthroughs enable more chips to be manufactured at a lower cost with higher performance and lower power. 

Extensive Support for Faster Time to Market  

Designers can rapidly get to market with these new products by taking advantage of TI’s comprehensive portfolio of development tools including more than 600 third-party algorithms and eXpressDSP™ Reference Frameworks, which allow developers to eliminate much of the initial low-level design decisions.  Each of the new devices is also supported by TI’s Code Composer Studio™ v2 Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the industry´s most easy-to-use DSP IDE; the low-cost TMS320C5510 DSP starter kit; the C5502 evaluation module and an array of tools such as a datasheet/errata, application notes, workshops and on-line training.  Customers can register today for the C55x one-day workshops that will begin in the first quarter of 2003 at locations around the world.