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Texas Instruments, The MathWorks® Collaborate on DSP Development

New Software Tools Accelerate Development and Integration of DSP Code

Aug 26, 2002

HOUSTON, TX and NATICK, MA (August 26, 2002)-Advancing the capabilities of digital signal processor (DSP) software development, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) and The MathWorks today announced two new software tools that simplify development and speed time to market for DSP-based systems.  The new MATLAB® Link for Code Composer StudioTM Development Tools (CCStudio) and the new Embedded Target for the C6000TM DSP platform both put more powerful problem-solving capabilities in the hands of DSP developers for faster system integration.  The MATLAB Link for CCStudio offers a significant enhancement of software verification and testing for TI´s TMS320TM family of DSPs, and the Embedded Target for C6000 provides a revolutionary new way of developing DSP code for the TI TMS320C6000TM family. 

"The tight integration of The MathWorks MATLAB and Simulink® and TI´s CCStudio will clearly reduce the code development time on TI´s DSPs," said Will Strauss, analyst and president, Forward Concepts.  "This is clearly another advancement in making DSP software development easier."

The MathWorks MATLAB Link for CCStudio enables communication between MATLAB and TI´s Code Composer Studio Development Tools, simplifies software development, real-time software validation, analysis and testing for all TI DSPs supported by CCStudio.  The MathWorks Embedded Target for the C6000 DSP platform simplifies software design and analysis specifically for TI´s C6000 DSPs by enabling rapid prototyping and direct generation of optimized code from The MathWorks Simulink system-level modeling product.  The new tools are both eXpressDSP-compliant plug-ins, and they extend and enhance the development capabilities available through TI´s CCStudio, turning DSP algorithm research directly into software implementation.  Both the MATLAB Link for CCStudio and the Embedded Target for C6000 DSP are also key elements of The MathWorks recently announced Release 13 family of products that includes new versions of MATLAB and Simulink. 

"The MathWorks is teaming with TI to transform the way that customers develop software for DSPs," said Ken Karnofsky, marketing director, DSP and Communications, The MathWorks.  "Through our investment in system simulation and code generation technology, developers can create software prototypes rapidly, then test and validate their software faster and with fewer errors."

Collaboration automates rapid development

As code becomes increasingly lengthy in complex DSP systems, developers will be able to better manage the development process as a result of the TI-MathWorks collaboration.  Using the Embedded Target for C6000 DSP and MATLAB Link for CCStudio tools, designers will benefit from the ease-of-use, efficiency and increased capabilities made possible by the new tools for developing telecommunications, video and imaging, consumer electronics, industrial control, automotive electronics, defense systems and other advanced DSP applications.

"TI´s collaboration with The MathWorks is producing major advances in DSP software development," said Henry Weichman, worldwide C6000 product-line manager, TI.  "The joint efforts of the two leading suppliers of DSP software development tools are pushing testing and validation earlier in the development cycle, helping our customers solve challenges and be more successful in building new and more robust TI DSP-based products faster."

For example, Radioscape, Ltd. successfully used Simulink to design software for TI´s DRE200 chip, and they benefited substantially from the collaborative effort of TI and The MathWorks.

"The MathWorks Simulink enabled us to validate and optimize our software design before we wrote one line of DSP code," said John Hall, CEO, RadioScape.  "We were able to test and debug our software before the hardware design was completed.  The MATLAB Link for CCStudio is a very significant development which will help us better leverage the benefits of both of these development tools in the future."

MATLAB Link for Code Composer Studio Development Tools

The MATLAB Link for CCStudio enables designers of systems based on TMS320C2800TM, TMS320C5000TM or C6000 platforms to systematically test software, analyze and optimize code performance and solve complex debugging problems with the advanced analysis and visualization capabilities in MATLAB.  Unlike traditional programming methods, the MATLAB Link for CCStudio permits designers to easily verify DSP implementation against a validated algorithm design in MATLAB.

The MATLAB Link for CCStudio also supports high-speed RTDXTM Data Link for TI´s new advanced JTAG XDS560TM Emulator, providing a two megabyte/second real-time data exchange from the host to the DSP target.  This means MATLAB is enabled for real-time testing, verifying and visualizing DSP code running on target hardware and provides additional confidence that the system will perform according to the specification. 

Embedded Target for C6000 DSP Platform

The Embedded Target for C6000 DSP is a design and code generation tool that enables developers to create, validate and deploy C6000 fixed- and floating-point DSP software in less time.  Designers can simulate a system-level model in Simulink´s hierarchical block diagram environment to produce an unambiguous, executable specification of the algorithm.  The tool integrates TI´s TMS320C62xTM DSPLIB library to generate highly efficient code for the C6000 platform from the model and enables rapid prototyping on C6711 DSK or C6701 EVM evaluation boards.  Automatic code generation not only reduces programming time, but also cuts down on errors from manual recoding while maintaining a single, easily managed algorithmic representation.  This also enables early proof of algorithm viability and eventual implementation on a C6000 DSP and thus speeds development while optimizing the use of DSP engineering resources.

Availability, pricing and information

MATLAB Link for CCStudio is available now from The MathWorks starting at U.S. $1,000 per individual PC license.  The Embedded Target for C6000 DSP is available now from The MathWorks starting at U.S. $4,000 per individual PC license.  For more information on how to start development using MATLAB and Simulink with TI DSKs, see www.ti.com/mathworkspr.

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