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TI CEO Tom Engibous to Discuss Future of DSP and Analog Chips at Company's Developer Conference

CEO Also Highlights New OMAP5910 Processor for Emerging Multimedia-Rich Products

Aug 7, 2002

HOUSTON (August 7, 2002) -- During a keynote at the Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) Developer Conference, Chairman, President and CEO Tom Engibous will speak to the opportunities in the DSP and analog market and TI´s plans to capitalize on future market potential. As an example of new market opportunities, Engibous will discuss the introduction of a new OMAPTM processor ideally suited for the growing multimedia markets, including telematics, location-based services, biometrics, portable medical devices and enhanced gaming. 
Engibous will also emphasize the pervasiveness of signal processing technology. With the evolution toward personal and connected equipment continuing unabated, companies like TI who are focused in this area are best positioned to capitalize on the growth markets Engibous will cite in his remarks.
Engibous will recognize the role TI's DSP third-party network has played in the continued growth of the electronics industry. He will highlight several partners with whom TI has collaborated closely, and point to market indicators that signal processing will continue to be the most relevant and highest growth sector of the electronics industry, with applications in the wireless, broadband and consumer digital markets, like digital still cameras and digital radio.
Entering new markets with sophisticated signal processing solutions will continue to be a priority for TI, and Engibous will highlight TI's most recent foray into new markets, addressing Monday's OMAP5910 processor announcement. The OMAP5910 processor is the newest addition to the widely adopted family of OMAP processors, which has garnered strong momentum in the 2.5 and 3G wireless handset and PDA markets. The unique combination of both high performance and power efficiency that TI has delivered to the wireless industry with previous OMAP processors will now be available to millions of new embedded designers of a wide range of applications with the OMAP5910.
For more information about TI´s OMAP platform, including the new OMAP5910 processor, see www.omap.com.