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TI Filter-Free Class-D Audio Power Amplifier Targets GPRS and 3G Cellular Phones

Small Size and Superior RF Noise Rejection Provide Ideal Design Solution

Jul 30, 2002

DALLAS, (July 30, 2002) -- Offering a small package and superior noise rejection ideal for designers of GPRS and 3G cellular phones Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced a new 1.1 W mono Filter-Free class-D audio power amplifier immediately available. By eliminating the output filter and improving the common-mode input range, the total solution size is 30 percent smaller than its siblings and surpasses all Class-D amplifiers on the market in radio frequency (RF) noise rejection. (See www.ti.com/sc/rd/sc02111 for more information.)

Similar to other members in the TPA200xDx family, the TPA2005D1 does not require an output filter and is more than 85 percent efficient, helping extend battery life. The solution consists of four components: the integrated circuit (IC), two resistors and one capacitor. A fully-differential architecture provides superior noise cancellation for clean, pure audio performance. Supporting this claim is an 78-dB PSRR specification at 217Hz and a 48-µV (RMS) noise floor over the entire audio band. Both specifications are best in industry for class-D audio power amplifiers and even surpass many class-AB amplifiers. Complementing the outstanding audio performance and efficient operation are the low quiescent current and shutdown current.
"The TPA2005D1's combination of performance and size are a great fit in the cellular handheld market for use of voice memo playback, personalized ringers or alarms and hands-free features," said Eric Droge, product marketing manager for TI's Audio Power Amplifiers. "A small footprint and RF immunity are characteristics an audio power amplifier needs to be successful in the cellular market, and these were a priority for TI throughout the design and development process."

The TPA200xDx Filter-Free Class-D Family

To date, there are six members in the TPA200xDx family: TPA2000D1, TPA2000D2, TPA2000D4, TPA2001D1, TPA2001D2 and TPA2005D1. Each amplifier is very efficient and operates without an output filter. Differentiating features between the family members include, stereo headphone drive, stereo or mono speaker drive and output power. Any heat sensitive or battery-powered applications with audio capability (e.g. notebook computers, PDAs, cellular phones) will benefit from using one of the TPA200xDx devices. Devices on the roadmap will further differentiate our customer´s applications by including volume control and other features soon to be announced.

Available Today

The TPA2005D1 is available now from TI and its authorized distributors in a surface mount 15-ball MicroStarTM BGA package. Suggested resale pricing in quantities of 1000 is $0.49.