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New digital current/power monitor IC from TI offers smaller, more accurate current sensing in computing equipment and power supplies

Oct 10, 2008

DALLAS (October 10, 2008) - To complement the company's extensive portfolio of products for energy efficient electronics, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) today introduced a zero-drift, bi-directional current/power monitor integrated circuit (IC) with an I2C interface. Featuring highest accuracy and smallest size, the INA219 monitors the drop across a shunt resistor and senses the shunt supply voltage, while also calculating power. The device is available in a SOT23 package, offering a compact and cost-effective solution for digital current sensing for servers, notebook computers, power supplies, battery management, as well as automotive and telecom equipment. (See www.ti.com/ina219-pr.) 

The INA219 delivers one percent maximum accuracy over the -40C to +85C temperature range, with 100 uV maximum offset. This accuracy, combined with 12-bit resolution, enables customers to use the lowest possible voltage drops across current shunt resistors, thereby minimizing power losses, dissipation and board space. The device senses bus voltages from 0 V to +26 V.

Other key features of the INA219 include the following:

  • Programmable calibration register for direct reading of current in units of amps and power in units of watts
  • Programmable averaging of up to 128 samples for filtering in noisy environments
  • Timeout on the I2C interface to prevent bus lock-up and a high-speed mode for communications up to 3.4 MHz
  • All features of the INA219 are software programmable
  • Operates from a single +3.0 to +5.5 supply voltage

The INA219 is optimized to work with TI's MSP430 ultra-low power MCUs, various hot-swap controllers, such as the TPS2490, and many of TI's power management ICs and regulators. For more information about TI's broad power management portfolio, please see the Power Management Selection Guide at power.ti.com.

Available today

The INA219 is available now in a SOT23-8 or SO8 package from TI and its authorized distributors. The device is priced at $1.85 each in 1,000 piece quantities (suggested resale pricing).

To learn more about TI's comprehensive portfolio of amplifiers and data converters and to download the latest Amplifier and Data Converter Selection Guide, visit amplifier.ti.com. For more information on TI's complete analog design support, visit www.ti.com/analog.