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TI introduces industry's smallest 16-bit DAC in tiny SC70 package

Simple, economical and easy-to-use DACs are 40 percent smaller than standard SOT23 devices

Feb 12, 2009

DALLAS (February 12, 2009) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced the industry's first single-channel digital-to-analog converter (DAC) family available in tiny SC70 packages. The DAC8411 family of 8- to 16-bit, pin-compatible products features low-power operation of 80uA at 1.8 V, a wide power supply range of 1.8 V to 5.5 V and a settling time of 6 us (typical). The small size - 40 percent smaller than standard SOT23 devices – and low power make these devices attractive for battery-powered and handheld applications, automatic test equipment, precision instrumentation, waveform generation, industrial process control and medical equipment. (See http://www.ti.com/dac8411-pr.) 

Key Features

Key Benefits

  • Pin-compatible ADC family

  • Ultra low power of 80 µA at 1.8 V

  • Wide power supply of 1.8 V to 5.5 V

  • Low power-on glitch of only 17 mV and 0.15 nV-sec output glitch energy

  • All devices use versatile 3-wire serial interface that operates at clock rates up to 50 MHz

  • Temperature range of -40C to +125C

  • Devices compatible with ADS8326 analog-to-digital converter, OPA211 operational amplifier, ISO721 digital isolator and REF5050 voltage reference for precision industrial applications

  • Easy upgrade and downgrade options for design flexibility

  • Decreased power consumption

  • Wide power supply gives designers flexibility and is suitable for handheld and battery-operated systems

  • Provides excellent linearity and minimizes undesired code-to-code transient voltage

  • Performance over extended industrial temperature range

  • Simple, high-performance signal chain solution

Availability and packaging

The DAC5311, DAC6311, DAC7311, DAC8311 and DAC8411 are available now from TI and its authorized distributors in an SC70 package. Pricing is included in the following table.


Number of bits

DNL (LSB) max

INL (LSB) max

Price ea at 1ku


























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