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Texas Instruments OMAP™ 3 hardware reference platform to increase open source innovation on the Symbian platform

Apr 1, 2009

LAS VEGAS (April 1, 2009) - Symbian Foundation today announced the Zoom OMAP34x-II mobile development platform (MDP) based on OMAPTM technology from Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) as the first standard hardware development platform for developers that will help drive open source innovation on the Symbian platform.

The Symbian Foundation together with its ecosystem is creating the most proven, open and complete mobile software platform which is based on Symbian OSTM and contributed software assets from S60 and MOAP(s). Symbian OS is the leading open mobile operating system that has shipped in over 250 million mobile devices to date.

The foundation plans to move the platform to open source over the next two years, with the intent to use the Eclipse Public License. This will make the platform code available to all for free, bringing additional innovation and engaging an even broader community in future developments. As part of the development of the platform, the foundation is fostering a community of developers, hardware manufacturers and other partners.

Using the Zoom OMAP34x-II MDP, Symbian developers will be able to quickly and easily validate smartphone and Mobile Internet Device (MID) applications that will run on Symbian^3 - the next release of the Symbian platform and is targeted for development in 2H 2009.

The Zoom OMAP34x-II MDP is a feature-rich, battery operated handheld development platform that gives developers the key capabilities to quickly begin developing on the Symbian platform and to reduce time to market for mobile devices.

"TI has a long history of supporting Symbian OS and we're excited about our continuing partnership with the Symbian Foundation," said Pierre Garnier, vice president and general manager in TI's wireless business. "The OMAP 3 software development platform and the Zoom OMAP34x-II MDP make it easy for the Symbian developer community to take advantage of TI's fully featured, affordable hardware platform, sparking innovation and helping developers mastermind the next generation of technologies that shape future mobile consumer experiences."

"Texas Instruments' easy and affordable application development platform will help bring new Symbian open source applications to market more easily and quickly," said Lee Williams, executive director, Symbian Foundation. "The high-performance Zoom OMAP34x-II MDP will also help lower the barriers for innovation and foster new opportunities for the Symbian community."

Key features of the OMAP34x-II MDP include:

  • 4.1" WVGA multi-touch display with a QWERTY keypad in a landscape, form factor
  • High-performance, low-power OMAP3430 applications processor that supports up to 720p HD video encode/decode, life-like 3D graphics and PC-like performance
  • Wireless connectivity technology from TI, including WiLinkTM 6.0 (WL1271), a single chip with Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and FM functionality; and NaviLinkTM GPS functionality
  • 8-megapixel camera sensor
  • Capacitive touch display technology supporting a range of multi-touch displays

To learn more about the Symbian Foundation, visit: http://blog.symbian.org/ or www.symbian.org

The Zoom OMAP34x-II MDP is available for ordering. For more information visit: www.ti.com/zoom2forsymbian.