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Aspect WinSet® Connects isoEthernet(tm) CallCenter Agents to the Aspect CallCenter(tm)

Oct 2, 1995

GENEVA, Telecom 95, October 2, 1995 -- National Semiconductor Corporation (incAlliance(tm) member booth #'s: 4.111, 1.338, 4.100, 2.140-219, 5.237, 4.271) and Aspect Telecommunications (Aspect booth #: 7.741) have announced that the two companies have successfully tested the Aspect WinSet for Microsoft® Windows® in an Aspect CallCenter environment remotely linked to isoEthernet systems. The test validated that the WinSet application works on Windows personal computers connected to isoEthernet networks for small to large enterprise call center environments.

"From a technology perspective, an isoEthernet system enables both voice and data to be transported across an enterprise LAN/WAN. This is a whole new way for CTI call center applications to be integrated from the perspective of the phone and personal computer. Most importantly, it provides a truly telephony based LAN infrastructure right to the agent desktop," says Robert Blatt, Vice President of Worldwide Products at Aspect Telecommunications.

By using this infrastructure, call center agents can be located anywhere that a LAN/WAN connection can be established thereby providing a flexible option for remote agent connectivity. Additionally, this connectivity will provide a mechanism to support future multimedia interactions with remote customers.

Aspect's WinSet for Windows is a PC application that delivers remote agent capabilities for call centers using Aspect CallCenter automatic call distribution systems (ACDs). Aspect WinSet can be used by agents working at home or in remote offices. Enterprises can now locate their call center agents virtually anywhere while maintaining centralized management and reporting.

IsoEthernet systems are based on new integrated services LAN technology which integrates 96 N*56/64 ISDN B-Channels and telephony call control signaling with IEEE 802.3 "10BaseT Ethernet" on the same phone grade (Category 3) unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable for PC client connections. The IEEE 802.9a specification has just been ratified by the IEEE Review Committee as a fully open industry standard.

"As the originator of isoEthernet, National Semiconductor has worked with the industry to ensure the creation of an open LAN standard for telecommunications applications as exemplified by the WinSet product announcement by Aspect Telecommunications," according to J. Michael Sodergren, strategic marketing director for National's Interactive Multimedia Group. "The company has created enabling VLSI IC's (non-blocking switches and media physical layer devices) for LAN Hub OEMs, and Windows PC based isoEthernet network adapter system products."

The National Semiconductor isoEthernet ISA Adapter enables integrated voice, video and data call connections to be setup over the central or remote enterprise LAN and through the digital N*56/64 public switched telephone network (PSTN) with no impact to concurrently running data only "packet Ethernet" applications traffic. In addition to supporting client connections to an IEEE 802.9a switched LAN Hub, the card includes standard telephony connectors (e.g. CH1, MVIP, SCSA), IEEE 802.9a Q.93i telephony signaling and "first party" call control software for the Microsoft Windows 3.1, 3.11, '95 and NT operating system domain. The card system is the first product to support TAPI for integrated voice, video, and data applications over the enterprise network.

Aspect Telecommunication's WinSet and National Semiconductor's isoEthernet Network Adapters (through OEM partners) are available in the market now. The companies will address potential plans for interoperable WinSet/ isoEthernet systems at a future date.

For more information on National's isoEthernet systems, 49-180-532-7832 in Europe.

For more information on Aspect's WinSet and the complete line of telecommunications solutions call (408) 325-2200 or access the company's World Wide Web Site Address: http://www.aspect.com. For specific questions on Aspect's isoEthernet capability contact Lauren O'Brien (408) 325-2888.

Founded in 1985, Aspect Telecommunications (NASDAQ/NMS:ASPT) is a global provider of solutions for mission-critical call centers --call centers that exist to generate revenue, service customers and protect services vital to call center environments including call center integration, business applications, consulting, and training. Aspect customers are regional, national and multinational enterprises in a range of industries -- financial services, insurance, technology, utilities, consumer services, hotel/travel, entertainment and government. Aspect is headquartered in San Jose, California.