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Nov 6, 1995

SANTA CLARA, CA., November 6, 1995 -- A voltage feedback operational amplifier with the highest of slew rate in the industry is now available from National Semiconductor. Designated LM7171, this device is capable of achieving a slew rate of 4,100 V/microS, nearly twice as high as any product in its class. In addition, the LM7171 achieves this high slew rate and provides 220MHz of bandwidth and 100mA of output current while consuming only 6.5 mA of quiescent current. This ability to produce high levels of output current from minimal supply current makes the LM7171 ideal for multi-channel systems.

The LM7171, operating at both +5V and +15V, offers designers a combination of features that make it an excellent choice for video distribution, imaging, communications and high- speed signal processing applications. Its 100mA output current gives the LM7171 the power it needs to drive heavy loads such as video cables, while excellent linearity and high slew rate help produce low distortion, high-quality images. In addition, the LM7171's low offset voltage of 200microV (typ.) makes it ideal for use with high resolution data acquisition systems.

National's LM7171 voltage feedback amplifier is built on the company's proprietary VIPIII(tm) process, a new bipolar process that makes possible the combination of high voltage and high speed on a single chip. "Our advanced manufacturing process, combined with the patented input stage of the LM7171 create a voltage feedback amplifier that can achieve slew rates never before possible," explained Sonia Ramirez, product marketing engineer for National's amplifier division.