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Bandwidth is 235Mhz (-3dB, Av=+1, RL=100 ohms)

Fast Settling Time with Slew Rate of 1280V/microsec

Stable Driving Unlimited Capacitive Loads

TinyPak 5-lead SOT-23 Package Sized For Portable Electronic Devices

Low Supply Current: 5.3 mA

Nov 20, 1995

SANTA CLARA, CA., November 20, 1995 - In response to a growing need for high- speed, low-power amplification in video and imaging designs, National Semiconductor today released a new Best-In-Class voltage feedback amplifier in a TinyPak SOT-23, 5-pin package. National's newest device, called LM7121, combines the high speed and low power required for enhanced AC performance. The device drives unlimited capacitive loads with exceptional stability. Characterized for 5V, ±5V and ±15V supplies, the low- power part draws just 5.3 mA.

"This amplifier is the first of its kind," noted Maria Laughlin, National's amplifier marketing manager. "Its impressive AC performance matches many larger premium current feedback devices costing much more."

"National's TinyPak also offers a clear advantage," added Laughlin. "They're one-third the size of conventional SO-8 packages. The additional space makes a huge placement difference, allowing designers to put the IC exactly where it's needed in the circuit." TinyPak amplifiers are small enough to be placed anywhere on a board close to the signal source or near the input to an A/D converter.

The LM7121 is among the first high-speed, high-performance operational amplifiers made with National's proprietary new process, VIP3 (Vertically Integrated PNP process). The complementary silicon bipolar chip fabrication technology, developed for processing advanced analog and mixed-signal applications, is being used to develop new families of products and offers unique combinations of high voltage and high bandwidth.