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Dec 13, 1995

FORT COLLINS, CO - December 13, 1995 - Comlinear announced today the availability of the CLC408, offering twice the small-signal bandwidth of comparable line drivers, while outputting a continuous 96mA on -5V supplies with a quiescent power of 15mW.

The CLC408 low-power, high-speed current-feedback operational amplifier is designed to drive low-impedance cables and high capacitive loads while maintaining high signal fidelity. Operating on -5V power supplies, the CLC408 guarantees a continuous 96mA output current. Requiring a mere 15mW quiescent power, the CLC408 offers superior dynamic performance with a 130MHz small-signal bandwidth, 350V/ms slew rate and quick 4.6ns rise/fall times (2Vstep). This combination of low-power/high-speed performance makes the CLC408 a perfect choice for battery-powered personal communication/computing systems.

Target applications for the CLC408 include analog video line driving through coaxial cable and unsheilded twisted-pair (UTP). The CLC408 also demonstrates great performance for signal-boosting applications such as driving single-ended step-up transformers. The CLC408s very wide dynamic range makes an excellent high-resolution A-to-D driver with its very fast 20ns settling time (to 0.05%) and ultra-low -85/-75dBc harmonic distortion (Av=+2, Vout=2Vpp, fin=1MHz, RL=1kW.)

The CLC408 comes in an 8-pin package with standard op-amp pinout and is immediately available in plastic DIPs or SOICs (-40C to +85C).

Comlinear, a National Semiconductor Company, holds multiple patents for the implementation of current-feedback architecture in high-performance op amps. Using high-speed analog and mixed-signal expertise, Comlinear offers industry-leading amplifiers, tracks and holds, A/D converters, multiplexers and buffers. National Semiconductor Corporation designs, develops and markets semiconductor technologies for moving and shaping information. The company focuses on strategic markets within the communications, personal systems, industrial and consumer markets. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, National Semiconductor has 22,400 employees worldwide. In fiscal 1995, the company reported sales of $2.4 billion and achieved the highest earnings in its history.