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Oct 7, 1996

October 7, 1996 - National Semiconductor Corporation® today announced two additions to its line of low-dropout regulators. The new ICs, the LP2981 and LP2982, are designed to meet increased market demands for greater battery efficiency with improved operating levels and overall size reduction. National's LP2981 is the industry's first linear regulator specified for 100mA output current and 150mA transient peak output from a TinyPak™ SOT23 package. The space-saving SOT23 package occupies only one-third the printed circuit board space of a standard SO-8 package.

A second regulator - the LP2982 - is also housed in a TinyPak package, and reduces output noise to 30µV (typ), nearly one-fifth the level of a typical micro-power regulator. This low noise output eases overall design and improves the performance of noise-sensitive applications such as RF circuitry in cordless and cellular phones.

"As demand increases for portable systems in smaller and lighter packages with greater battery efficiency, the need for products such as the LP2981 and LP2982 takes on a greater urgency," said John Prendergast, National's power management marketing manager. "By meeting the need of these applications for reduced size, high-efficiency operation, and low-output noise, National's products are helping to usher in a new generation of portable systems."

Minimal dropout voltages - as low as 120mV at 50mA output current for the LP2981 - and National's TinyPak SOT23 package allow the LP2981 and LP2982 to help extend useful battery life and minimize circuit board space. A power-saving sleep mode reduces quiescent current to less than 1µA (max) over temperature. The combination of reduced package size and low power consumption make the LP2981 and LP2982 ideal for a variety of portable, battery-powered systems, including hand-held meters, portable PCs, liquid-crystal displays, disk drives, modems and PCMCIA cards. The low-noise operation of the LP2982 is highly desirable in audio applications, sensor supplies, high-end data acquisition systems, cordless and cellular phones.

Rated for 3.0, 3.3 and 5.0V operation with an output voltage accuracy level of 0.5%, the LP2981 and LP2982 are currently available in National's TinyPak SOT23 five-pin packages. The LP2981 is priced at $1.50 each while the LP2982 is priced at $0.85 each, when purchased in quantities of 1000.

National Semiconductor Corporation® provides Technologies For Moving and Shaping Information®. The company focuses on four strategic markets: communications, personal systems, industrial, and consumer. National Semiconductor is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has 20,000 employees worldwide. In fiscal 1996, the company reported sales of $2.6 billion.