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Oct 14, 1996

October 14, 1996 -- To assist the market's transition from older HC logic to VHC logic, the Fairchild Division of National Semiconductor Corporation® today announced that 22 of its VHC logic family members are now available in plastic dual-in-line packages (PDIPs). Fairchild's VHC logic was developed as a long-term replacement for HC technology, and is well suited for telecommunications, PC, industrial and consumer applications.

HC represents the largest part of the CMOS logic market today, but its underlying technology is over 20 years old. VHC logic represents a significant technology upgrade from HC that offers designers higher speed, lower power and noise, and higher output drive without requiring any redesign. Its availability in PDIPs will make it easy for designers to obtain these benefits by doing simple socket replacements for HC logic, which is widely used in the PDIP package.

VHC logic, the lowest noise CMOS product available on the market today, is ideally suited to on-board driving and signaling and routing applications. On-board driving is needed in applications in which a signal remains on a board but needs additional signal drive or conditioning, such as signal buffering for ASICs and clock buffering for driving multiple clock loads. Signaling and routing are common multiplexing functions in which several signals on a board are combined into one signal.

A typical example of the speed, drive and power performance advantages of VHC over HC logic is illustrated in the following comparison:

Parameter			VHC244		HC244
IOH/IOL				-8/8 mA		-6/6 mA
ICC				40 mA		80 mA
Volp/Volv (Noise)		0.8 V/-0.8 V	Not Specified
Tpd (Propagation Delay)		8.5 ns		29 ns

According to Gary O'Donnell, worldwide market development manager for Logic, "Making VHC available in PDIPs for socket replacement of HC devices is another indication of the Fairchild Division's ongoing commitment to being a leader in the CMOS logic market, where our FACT and FACT Quiet Series products already hold dominant positions."

O'Donnell also noted, "VHC products are manufactured under alternate source agreements between the Fairchild Division of National and Toshiba Semiconductor. VHC has been available for over 3 years, and market acceptance has been growing as users look for newer product technologies that offer an upgrade path from older HC logic."

Price and Availability


The Fairchild VHC devices that are now available in PDIPs are priced as follows in quantities of 1,000.

Part Number	Price ($)	Part Number	Price ($)
VHC00		0.18		VHC161		0.28
VHC02		0.18		VHC163		0.28
VHCUO4		0.18		VHC244		0.30
VHC04		0.18		VHC245		0.30
VHC08		0.18		VHC373		0.30
VHC14		0.18		VHC374		0.30
VHC32		0.18		VHCT00		0.18
VHC74		0.18		VHCT04		0.18
VHC112		0.28		VHCT08		0.18
VHC132		0.28		VHCT244		0.30
VHC138		0.28		VHCT245		0.30

National Semiconductor produces analog and mixed-signal-based silicon solutions for the information highway, communications, consumer and industrial markets. National Semiconductor is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has 19,000 employees worldwide. In fiscal 1996, the company reported sales of $2.6 billion. National's Fairchild Division focuses on logic, memory and discrete products.