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Rail-to-Rail Output Swings at 600 ohms Combined With High Output Drive of 8 mA at 2.7V Maximizes Performance for Wide Range of Applications

Nov 11, 1996

November 11, 1996 -- National Semiconductor Corporation® today announced new dual and quad operational amplifiers featuring highly accurate rail-to-rail output swings into loads of 600 ohms. The LMC6035 (dual) and LMC6036 (quad) allow single-supply operation and are guaranteed for 2.7-, 3-, 5- or 15V supplies. The 2.7 supply voltage corresponds to the end-of-life (EOL) voltage for three NiCd or NiMH batteries in series and is primarily targeted for rechargeable battery-powered portable designs.

In addition, with an output drive of 8mA at 2.7V, the amplifiers are well suited for a wide variety of applications including transformers found in telecom circuits, medical instrumentation, high-impedence buffers, and active filters in cordless and cellular phones.

"With the introduction of these two devices, National meets the needs of value-conscious designers requiring a choice of mid-range ICs,"said Maria Laughlin, National's strategic marketing manager. "This series of high-performance amplifiers is National's response to customers' growing demand for guaranteed devices that can complement high-end RRIO (rail-to-rail input/output) devices in systems operating at less than 5V. The new ICs are especially suitable for a wide range of low-voltage applications requiring an upgrade version of the LM324,"Laughlin added.

Ultra-low input current of 20fA makes the devices well suited for low-power active filter applications because it allows the use of higher resistor values and lower capacitor values. In turn, this results in circuits that consume less power. The LMC6035 (dual) is housed in an 8-pin SOIC or MSOP package while the LMC6036 (quad) is available in a 14-pin SOIC. The MSOP is about half the size of an SOIC and fits the footprint of the TSOP package.

At Vcc = 2.7V, key features include: low supply current of 325µA per amplifier and very low input bias current of 20fA. The input voltage range at 5V is -0.1V to 2.3V. Other specifications include a tight offset voltage of 5mV maximum, a bandwidth of 1.4MHz and an operating temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees C. An ESD rating of 3000V assures reliable operation in hostile manufacturing or final design environments.

National Semiconductor produces analog and mixed-signal based silicon solutions for the information highway, communications, consumer and industrial markets. National Semiconductor is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and has 19,000 employees worldwide. In fiscal 1996, the company reported sales of $2.6 billion.