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New Tiny Logic Chips Reduce Board Space Requirements by up to 75 Percent

Nov 25, 1996

November 25, 1996 The Fairchild Division of National Semiconductor Corporation® today introduced two families of Tiny Logic single-gate CMOS logic devices, the Tiny HS and the Tiny UHS logic series. Operating at 5V and 2.5 nanoseconds, the Tiny UHS series is the fastest set of 5V single-gate logic devices on the market.

Consisting of single logic functions packaged in National's five-pin TinyPak™SOT23-5 package, these devices reduce board-space requirements by as much as 75 percent over conventional small-outline packages, yet they are handled by standard surface-mount technology. In addition, because the single-gate logic devices can be placed exactly where they are needed on a board, they simplify routing and eliminate dependence on intricate line-layout patterns. The result is a more compact and cost-effective design in a shorter time.

The Tiny HS and Tiny UHS logic series, which offer the most popular logic functions used in today's designs, are primarily intended for use in space-constrained systems, such as portable CD players, disk drives, cellular phones, pagers, radios, PCMCIA cards and portable computers. They can also be used to implement last-minute design changes, or to differentiate standard VLSI circuits, without time-consuming redesign of complex silicon subcomponents or printed circuit board layouts.

In addition, the Tiny UHS series can improve the performance of high-speed desktop computers. In the past, designers using traditional gate devices had to route signals all over the board to access one logic gate. This routing resulted in additional propagation delay and potential noise in the system. Because of their tiny package size, both the Tiny HS and Tiny UHS devices allow designers to place the gate exactly where it's needed. This reduces signal delay and noise. In addition, the speed of Tiny UHS gives designers more flexibility in their timing budget.

According to Bill Houk, Tiny Logic product manager at National Semiconductor, "Our single-gate logic device families reflect our commitment to providing the smaller-footprint, fine-pitch packaging that our customers are requesting. This is another example of the Fairchild Division's ongoing commitment to innovate and lead in the logic market."

Product Features
The Tiny HS logic devices are manufactured on the Fairchild Division's proven FACT™ high-speed CMOS process. The devices are intended for 5V applications, but will operate in a voltage range of 2V to 6V. At 5V, they feature typical propagation delays of 4 nanoseconds, making them ideal for today’s mainstream applications. These devices provide an alternate source for products manufactured by Toshiba.

National Semiconductor produces analog- and mixed-signal-based silicon solutions for the information highway, communications, consumer and industrial markets. National Semiconductor is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has 19,000 employees worldwide. In fiscal 1996, the company reported sales of $2.6 billion. National's Fairchild Division focuses on logic, memory and discrete products.