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Three New Comlinear Mil-Qualified Op-Amps From National Semiconductor Push Speed/Power Envelope

ICs Provide High Speeds, Wide Bandwidths, Crisp Slew Rates and Sharp Rise/Fall Times at Low Power

Oct 2, 1997

October 2, 1997 - National Semiconductor Corporation® today announced the release of the world’s highest-speed, low-power mil-qualified operational amplifiers for high-performance military/aerospace applications, such as radar, sonar, moving map displays and communications.

The trio of Comlinear operational amplifiers - the CLC449, the CLC446 and the CLC440 - fills a variety of needs:

CLC449 Gives Designers The Leading Edge in Time-Domain Applications
An ultra-high-speed, current-feedback op amp, the CLC449 provides an unparalleled level of performance. The device features -3dB bandwidth of 1.2 GHz at a gain of +2. This bandwidth is coupled with rise and fall times of 0.8nsec (2Vstep), a settling time of 6nsec (to 0.2%), slew rate of 2500V/microsec and output current of 90mA.

At only 12.0 mA supply current, the CLC449 has the speed to handle both high-resolution graphics and high-performance video. Designers receive an edge in time-domain applications due to the CLC449’s 0.1dB flatness to beyond 200MHz, combined with its 800psec rise and fall times. In addition, the 0.03% differential gain and 0.02 degree phase performance permits flexible system design in managing standard NTSC and PAL signals.

The CLC449 is so fast it can replace discrete transistor designs in RF and IF applications, with 2-tone, 3rd-order intermod intercept (IP3) greater than +25dBm beyond 130MHz. Also, the device provides the bandwidth, settling times and low distortion required by high-speed analog-to-digital converters in test instrumentation and other applications.

CLC446 Delivers Highest Performance from Low Power
The CLC446 is a high-speed, unity-gain-stable, current-feedback op amp designed to deliver the highest levels of performance from a mere 50mW quiescent power. It provides a wide 400 MHz bandwidth, a 2000V/microsec slew rate and 900psec rise/fall times.

The device drives video loads with very low (0.02%) differential gain and (0.03 degree) phase errors. Combined with its low power, the CLC446 makes an excellent choice for NTSC/PAL type signals. With its fast edge rates and high slew rate, the CLC446 also makes an excellent choice for high-speed, high-resolution component RGB video systems. The CLC446 also is an ideal low-power, high-resolution A-to-D converter driver due to its 9nsec settling time (to 0.1%) and low harmonic distortion.

CLC440 Combines High Speed With Versatility
The CLC440 high-speed voltage-feedback op-amp combines the speed of current-feedback - 1500V/microsec slew rate and 750MHz unity-gain bandwidth - with the versatility of voltage-feedback to provide next-generation performance with an easy-to-use amplifier. Features include a very low differential gain of 0.015% and a differential phase of 0.025 degree which give the CLC440 an edge in broadcast-quality composite video designs. Also, the CLC440 provides wide dynamic range applications with very low harmonic distortion: -64/-70dBc at 5MHz with a 2Vpp output signal and low input noise of 2.5nV/Hz and 3.5pA/Hz.

For heavy loads, the CLC440 delivers 90mA of output current. The CLC440 also goes easy on power, using only 70mW and operates on a single 5V power supply. This helps make it a perfect choice for high-speed active filters and wideband integrators.

Price and Availability
Available now in die form or in a ceramic DIP, the CLC449A8B, CLC446A8B and CLC440A8B are competitively priced at $23.40, $21.20, and $23.40, respectively, in 250-piece quantities. In addition, all three devices are currently being qualified for National’s new ceramic SOIC and will be available in that package by the end of CY97.

For more information on other National mil-qualified devices or National QML system-oriented products, please visit our web site at http://www.national.com/appinfo/milaero.

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