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National Semiconductor’s Dual Operational Amplifier Draws New Record-Low Supply Current - Less Than One MicroAmp Per Amplifier

Housed in a Tiny MSOP Package, the LMC6442 Maximizes Battery Life in Remote Sensing Equipment Such as Smoke and Gas Detectors

Nov 4, 1997

November 4, 1997 - National Semiconductor Corporation® today announced availability of a dual micropower rail-to-rail output single supply op amp with new lows in power current consumption - just 0.95 microamp typical supply current per amplifier, and a guaranteed supply current of 1.2 microamp per amplifier. The LMC6442 is characterized for 2.2V to 10V operation and is fully guaranteed at 2.2V, 5V and 10V.

On the low side of the supply range, National’s newest op amp is ideally suited for single (Li-Ion) or two-cell (Ni-Cad or alkaline) battery-powered systems that require low standby current for long service life. As battery life approaches end-of-charge state, its performance degradation is minimized by the LMC6442’s very low input bias current (5fA typical) plus minimal variations in supply current over supply voltage. To facilitate extremely small circuit designs, the LMC6442 is housed in a mini-small outline (MSOP-8) package that is only one-half the size of a standard small outline IC (SOIC).

"This device achieves superior cost performance with a unique combination of features,” said Peter Stonard, National’s technical marketing manager. “But the real key to its value is its miserly power consumption. At 2.2V, it’s one of the lowest power op amps in the world. In passive battery-powered equipment such as smoke and gas detectors, that single feature can more than triple the battery life,” he added.

Rail-to-rail output voltage swings are also especially important with the low supply voltages encountered in battery operation. In the LMC6442, the output swings to within 30mV of the supply rail. The input common mode voltage range extends to the negative rail for ease of use in single supply applications or ground sensing. Unity Gain Bandwidth (GBW) is typically 9.5 kHz, making the IC effective in low-frequency applications.

Price and Availability
Available now in production quantities, the LMC6442AIMM (MSOP package) is priced at $1.80 each in 1000-unit quantities. The LMC6442AIMX (8-pin SOIC) is similarly priced at $1.75 in 1000s.

For more information on the LMC6442, visit our World Wide Web site at http://www.national.com/pf/LM/LMC6442.html.

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