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National Announces Triple-Channel CRT Driver With 4.5 nsec Output Rise and Fall Time For High-Resolution, Large-Screen CAD Monitors

Nov 25, 1997

November 25, 1997 - National Semiconductor Corporation® today introduced the LM2403, a high-speed triple channel CRT driver. The device features 4.5 nsec rise and fall time at 40Vpp output swing when driving a 8pF load with 0.22H inductive peaking. This speed is typically required for super XGA CRT monitors with resolutions up to 1600 x1200, or pixel clock frequencies up to 160MHz. The LM2403 is the first monolithic device to drive CRTs in high-resolution 17-, 19-, and 21-inch monitors with scanning frequencies up to 95KHz.

"This monolithic solution costs about 30% less than comparable hybrid driver designs with no drop in performance," said H. K. Chiu, National’s senior technical marketing engineer. "It leads the trend to lower cost through higher integration, plus it fills out National’s complete line of CRT drivers."

National's newest device features a built-in input low-pass filter, and is available in a TO-220, 11-pin package with a tab for attaching to a heat sink. The TO-220 package helps minimize EMI emissions by making it possible to design in a smaller enclosure. The LM2403 operates from a 60 to 80V power supply.

When paired with National's LM1283, a 140MHz full-feature video preamplifier with on-screen display capability (OSD), the LM2403 provides a complete video channel solution. Pin compatibility with other members of National's CRT amplifier family, such as LM2405 and LM2406 monolithic CRT drivers, reduces PCB layout changes and shortens design time. Reference design schematics are also available from National to facilitate CRT neckboard design.

The LM2403's monolithic design incorporates improved circuit integration, which in turn increases monitor reliability. National's new CRT driver is built on the company's proprietary VIP3H™ process. This 90V bipolar process, which features vertically integrated PNP transistors, makes it possible to combine high voltage and high bandwidth on a single chip.

Price and Availability Currently available in production quantities, the LM2403T is priced at $4.10 each when purchased in quantities of 1000.

For further information, visit our World Wide Web site at http://www.national.com/pf/LM/LM2403.html.

National Semiconductor Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, produces system-on-a-chip silicon solutions for the information highway, based on its leadership in analog and mixed signal technologies. National is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and focuses on the communications, personal systems and consumer markets. National has annual sales of approximately $2.5 billion and 13,000 employees worldwide. Additional company and product information is available on the World Wide Web at www.national.com.