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Oct 15, 1998

October 15, 1998 - National Semiconductor Corporation® today introduced the ADCV0831, the industry's first low-power (3V) 8-bit analog-to-digital converter to be offered in the tiny 6-pin SOT23 package. The device dissipates only 720 microwatts (typical) from a single +3V supply and comes with an automatic shutdown feature for additional power savings. In the shutdown mode, the ADCV0831 draws less than 10 nanoamps of supply current. Because of its small size, low power and auto shutdown feature, the device is well-suited for a variety of communication and imaging applications, as well as for use in handheld battery-operated devices.

"Today, as standard building blocks, these tiny A/D converters can be sprinkled onto circuit boards in a wide range of applications, giving engineers exceptional design flexibility," said Seamus Coyle, National's strategic marketing manager. "In the future, expect to see the same small, low-powered designs find their way into National's systems-on-a-chip in the form of reusable cells," he added.

The ADCV0831 uses a comparator structure with built in sample-and-hold for converting input voltage to a successive approximation routine. The serial communication format, consisting of a serial data link with the controlling processor, allows the integration of many functions in a small package. It also eliminates the transmission of low-level analog signals by locating the converter right at the analog signal source, facilitating transmission of highly noise-immune digital data back to the host processor. The I/O is a 3-wire interface compatible with National's MICROWIRE™ and Motorola's SPI standards. It easily interfaces with standard shift registers or microprocessors.

Price and Availability
The ADCV0831 is available now in tape and reel with 3K units (ADCV0831M6X) or 250 units (ADCV0831M6). Pricing is $1.22 each in 1000-unit quantities.

For more information on the ADCV0831, visit our World Wide Web site at http://www.national.com/pf/AD/ADCV0831.html.

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Editors' Note: MICROWIRE™ is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation.