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SDH Chipset Guaranteed to Meet Industry Standards While Delivering Leading-Edge Performance at Low Cost

Nov 23, 1998

November 23, 1998 - National Semiconductor Corporation today announced availability of a chipset tailored specifically for the telecommunications market for cable equalization, clock recovery and cable driving. The chipset, comprising the CLC005 cable driver, CLC012 cable equalizer, and CLC016 data retiming PLL, supports Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) electrical STM-1 links at a data rate of 155Mbps. Used in SDH interfaces such as those found in add drop multiplexers (ADMs), digital cross connects (DCCs), SDH repeaters, and digital cellular base stations, National's SDH chipset is an ideal solution for driving industry standard compliant signals.

The SDH chipset is unrivalled in delivering no-compromise performance at lower system cost. It replaces up to half a dozen individual components traditionally used to perform the transceiver function. By reducing the number of parts required, the SDH chipset offers the best combination of cost-effectiveness, ease of assembly and space-saving features loaded onto one high-performance product/chipset. It is also guaranteed to be fully compliant with the SDH or ITU-T G.703 International Telecommunications Union standard.

"We are working closely with our customers to deliver an SDH solution that enables them to offer high performance, cost-effective systems that meet industry standards with wide safety margins," said Mark Sauerwald, National's technical marketing manager for the interface products group. "The SDH chipset is our answer to customers' needs for a superior product that helps profit margins at the same time."

All three SDH devices that make up the chipset work together to deliver a superior degree of signal integrity. The CLC012 cable equalizer is Loss of Signal (LOS) detection compliant and will allow high-speed data transmission over cable lengths of up to 300 meters with no drop in signal integrity. In addition, the CLC012 adapts automatically to different cable lengths or types by means of an internal servo mechanism that configures the circuit accordingly. This means customers using the CLC012 can design systems in which any cable can be connected with no additional tuning required on the board.

Key Features and Benefits

The SDH chipset will enable state-of-the-art design options for the telecommunications market. Additionally, the chipset offers an unparalleled array of key features and benefits:


? Cable driver for 75 ohms twisted pair or coaxial cable with a signal compliant with ITU-T G.703 standard

? Operation at high data rates of up to 622 Mbps (NRZ), enabling high-speed data transmission over copper

? Controlled rise and fall times at 650 ps to assure compliance with SDH STM-1 specifications

? Adjustable amplitude output

? Low power dissipation at 37 milliamps

? Low residual jitter (25ps), reducing error rate


? Automatic equalization of twisted pair or coaxial cables from 0-300 meters, requiring no additional tuning

? Operation at very fast data rates of 40 Mbps to 650 Mbps

? Loss of signal (LOS) detection compliant with ITU-T G.775

? Low output jitter resulting in cleaner signal and fewer errors ? Low power consumption at 55 milliamps


? Clock recovery/data regenerating PLL circuit featuring very wide jitter tolerance and very low residual jitter output

? Retimed data output and recovered clock output

? Can be preprogrammed for up to four discrete data rates and will automatically select/lock onto the appropriate data rate and regenerate input signal

? Data rate at 40 Mbps to 400 Mbps

Price and Availability

All three devices of the SDH chipset are available immediately in the industrial temperature range (-40 to 85C). In 1000-unit quantities, the CLC005AJE is priced at $5.80 in the 8-pin plastic SOIC, the CLC012AJE at $12.60 and the CLC016AJQ at $21.50.

For more information on the SDH chipset, visit our World Wide Web site at http://www.national.com.

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