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90MHz Device with Fast Disable Function Offers Low Distortion, High Slew Rate and Lowest Price in its Class

Dec 14, 1998

December 14, 1998 -- National Semiconductor Corporation® today announced the CLC5665, a new low-cost 90MHz operational amplifier that is ideally suited for video distribution, twisted-pair cable driver (xDSL), and digital video applications. The device is priced approximately 40 percent less than other products in its class, establishing a new price/performance point in the market.

Other potential applications for the CLC5665 include 8-10 bit video ADC drivers and DAC buffers for digital video, and cable drivers for video, set-top boxes and modems. To meet the design needs of these applications, the CLC5665 offers fast disable, wide bandwidth, high speed and low distortion. The disable feature saves power by dropping the supply current from 11 milliamps to 1.5 milliamps when the amplifier is not being used.

"The CLC5665 is a breakthrough in price/performance for high-volume communication and video applications that require superior dynamic line driving performance," said Jeff Hooker, marketing manager for National's high-speed amplifier products. "This device offers our customers the highest performance available at a price that's about half that of alternative solutions."

Features and Benefits
National's CLC5665 provides low harmonic distortion (-89dBc at 1MHz, 1Vpp out with a 500 Ohm load) to enable high signal fidelity. For design flexibility, the CLC5665 can run off either +/-5V or +/-15V supplies. By running off +/-15V supplies and driving to within 1V of the rails, the device enables much better output dynamic voltage range -- up to an impressive 28V -- than cable drivers limited to +/-5V supplies.

The device also offers a wide array of key features:

  • High 1800 volts/microsecond slew rate.
  • High output current of 85 milliamps.
  • Fast disable and enable times of 200 nanoseconds and 400 nanoseconds, respectively.
  • Very low differential gain of 0.05 percent and differential phase of 0.05 degrees.
  • Flat (0.1dB) gain to 20MHz, making it a preferred device for broadcast-quality NTSC and PAL video systems.

Price and Availability

Packaged either in an 8-pin plastic DIP (CLC5665IN) or 8-pin SOIC (CLC5665IM), the device is available now. Price is $1.14 each in 1000-unit quantities. For more information on the CLC5665, please visit our Web site at



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