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National's forthcoming integrated solution brings unique combination of performance and functionality to the digital imaging market

Nov 15, 1999

November 15, 1999 - National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE:NSM) and Xirlink Corporation will jointly develop world-class digital imaging products to serve the digital camera market. National is developing integrated CMOS image sensor technology that uniquely combines high image quality, low power, high speed, and high dynamic range all onto a single chip. Xirlink, one of the world's leading manufacturers of PC cameras, plans to use National's forthcoming technology in its next-generation digital cameras.

"National Semiconductor is now bringing superior CMOS image sensor technology to the digital imaging market," said Tim Martin, director of marketing at Xirlink. "National's packaging strategy is a critical component in helping Xirlink to make very low cost, small form factor cameras enabling a variety of consumer applications."

Advanced analog and mixed signal design skills make possible higher performing sensors, especially in the areas of dynamic range and low noise, which means higher contrast "film" in digital cameras. National's image sensor technology will take today's granular digital imaging and replace it with near photographic quality for many imaging applications, such as PC video cameras, digital video cameras, and digital still cameras. Other applications include low-light security cameras and fingerprint scanning systems. High image quality is achieved as a result of high photo conversion gain, high fill factor, and low-noise analog design techniques. An integrated high-speed, low-power ADC will allow portable cameras longer battery life running at real-time video rates.

National continues to integrate more and more functions into single chips while being uniquely positioned to advance in application-specific markets by leveraging its analog expertise in scanner, PC, TV, and networking technology. National's forthcoming grayscale and color CMOS image sensor products will be available in early 2000.

About National Semiconductor
National Semiconductor provides system-on-a-chip solutions for the information age. Combining real-world analog and state-of the-art digital technology, the company's chips lead many sectors of the personal computer, communications, and consumer markets. With headquarters in Santa Clara, California, National reported sales of $2 billion for its last fiscal year and currently has about 11,000 employees worldwide. Additional company and product information is available on the World Wide Web at www.national.com.

About Xirlink
Incorporated in 1993, Xirlink, Inc. is a dynamically growing multimedia company that is quickly becoming a leader in developing PC compatible digital imaging products. Xirlink designs, manufactures and markets PC and digital still cameras and is dedicated to providing individual and corporate users with quality Internet-ready device solutions at affordable prices. Xirlink's products bring life to the Internet by enabling people to communicate more effectively for work or play. Xirlink is located in the heart of high-tech development, the Silicon Valley. For more information, contact Xirlink Corporate Headquarters, 2210 O Toole Avenue, San Jose, CA 95131. Telephone, fax, e-mail and web page respectively, are (408) 324-2100, (408) 324-2101, www.xirlink.com.