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The LMV7219 High-Speed Comparator Provides Output Responses in 7ns While Consuming Only 1.1mA of Current

Dec 7, 1999

December 7, 1999- National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE:NSM) today announced the LMV7219, a high-speed and low power comparator. Targeting high-speed digital signal conditioning, the LMV7219 offers 7ns of symmetrical signal propagation delay Tpd, while consuming a modest 1.1mA of current. Housed in an SC70-5 package, the comparator is the industry's smallest and fastest, given its quiescent current specification. Target applications include bar code scanners, set-top boxes, PC power supplies, and test and instrumentation applications including ultra sound measurement - any application requiring high-speed reliable digital signal refreshing.

"Digital data signals are now extremely fast over long distances, requiring signal conditioning by high-speed comparators. In response, National is entering the marketplace with the LMV7219, offering a low cost and innovative solution, while optimizing small space and low power consumption. Symmetrical output response time found on the new device enables systems to operate at maximum signal efficiency," said Carlos Sanchez, technical marketing manager for National's operational amplifier group.

The LMV7219 operating voltage range of 2.7 to 5V will open new opportunities, especially for portable instrumentation applications. The device inputs maintain a common mode voltage range extending 200mV below ground, allowing reliable ground sensing. The LMV7219's internal input hysteresis ensures clean output transitions, even with slow-moving input signals, preventing output from changing states inadvertently, eliminating erroneous signals, and dramatically increasing reliability.

Pricing for the LMV7219 is $1.10 in quantities of 1,000. Product is available in an SOT70-5 or SOT23-5 packaging. Demo boards are currently available. For more information on the LMV7219, visit National'sWeb site at http://www.national.com/pf/LM/LMV7219.html.

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