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Mediamatics Software Enables Microsoft Digital TV Demonstrations at Western Cable Show

Nov 29, 2000

November 29, 2000 - Mediamatics, a division of National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE:NSM), announced today that Microsoft Corp. has chosen Mediamatics' Digital Video and Audio software technologies to demonstrate the Microsoft TV architecture on Windows at the Western Cable Show, which opened yesterday in Los Angeles.  (Microsoft Booth #3617, West Hall)

Microsoft is demonstrating several digital TV sample applications based on its Microsoft TV Technologies that will be available in the future Windows operating system code-named "Whistler."  Microsoft is making it easy for the developer community to create these new generations of applications by putting in place the underlying architecture, providing key components and creating standards so enabling technologies - such as Mediamatics - can easily plug into their framework.  Mediamatics' decoder is a key add-on for Microsoft TV Technologies and provides full support for all types of digital TV, including OpenCable and the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) standards for HDTV.

"Microsoft is creating a framework for HDTV and DTV applications on Windows-based computers," said Dave Marsh, technical evangelist for TV and Video at Microsoft Corp.  "Mediamatics has a proven track record with its software solutions for PC DVD players, and they continue to deliver excellent quality and reliability as the Windows platform moves into HDTV and DTV applications."

One more step in the convergence of PC and entertainment devices.
PCs that are equipped with DTV receivers can receive data streams that are broadcast via air or cable.  These streams contain compressed video and audio that must be decoded before video and audio can be actually rendered on the PC.  The Mediamatics decoders work seamlessly with Microsoft's transport splitter and rendering components to provide full software high definition TV (HDTV) or DTV playback on the PC.  This allows PC manufacturers and entertainment appliance manufacturers to provide cost effective software digital TV solutions without requiring expensive special-purpose decoding hardware.

Enabling Windows-based PCs to receive HDTV or DTV signals is an inexpensive way for consumers to start viewing digital TV.  For a small incremental cost, the PC buyer can get the benefits of high quality digital and analog TV.  The PC can provide the combined services of a television and set-top box, allowing the user to view, record and timeshift video.  Many PC monitors already support the resolution that HDTV requires; Mediamatics software decoders support all 18 ATSC formats at both 720p and 1080i resolution settings.  The same technology can also be used to produce rich entertainment appliances for the living room.

"By remaining highly compatible with Microsoft's digital TV architecture, Mediamatics decoders will become key enablers of a whole class of digital TV applications that can be created using standard Microsoft interfaces and scripting controls," said Narayan Rajgopal, Director of Software Engineering for Mediamatics. "Microsoft will be using the Mediamatics decoders to demonstrate several such digital TV applications at the Western Cable show."

In coming weeks Mediamatics will announce a full suite of software using its video decoders to work with any digital receiver on the PC to provide HDTV, DTV and Digital VCR functionality.

About Mediamatics
Mediamatics, a division of National Semiconductor Corporation, delivers consumer quality digital video and audio hardware/software solutions for the consumer, PC and convergence markets. Mediamatics' software and system expertise is integrated into the emerging home entertainment market comprising of entertainment PCs and DVD players. Its software products are licensed by Microsoft and major PC OEM manufacturers, making Mediamatics the world's largest supplier of MPEG products. Visit Mediamatics on the World Wide Web at: