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DoBox and National Semiconductor Announce Partnership to Deliver Family-Friendly Residential Gateway Solutions to OEM and Broadband Partners

DoBox's industry-leading parental control and secure home gateway software with National Semiconductor's Geode processor-based development platforms to be demonstrated at Comdex next week

Nov 8, 2001

November 8, 2001 -  DoBox, Inc., a leading provider of home gateway software, today announced a partnership with National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE:NSM) to enable the development of family-focused residential gateway systems.  The systems, featuring National's industry-leading Geode? architecture and DoBox's Smart Firewall? and Family Firewall? technologies, offer OEM and broadband partners a robust solution for securely deploying services to the home while empowering parents to protect their families and home networks.

"After several years of early-stage adoption, home networking has begun to hit critical mass," said Mike Wolf, director of enterprise and residential communications for Cahners In-Stat.  "Our research shows that over two million new homes in the U.S. have begun using home networks over the past year, showing that consumers are beginning to recognize the value of residential connectivity.  Helping to drive this adoption is the popularity of wireless networking, as well as the consumers' recognition of the need for security in an always-on environment."

DoBox's technologies empower families to control and protect their home networks.  "Consumers are demanding features of parental control and home network security," noted Nicole Toomey Davis, DoBox CEO.  "OEM vendors can pair DoBox's home gateway and parental control software with National's Geode x86-based IA development platforms to rapidly deliver to market family-friendly products that are easily extensible with new features and services."

DoBox provides the industry's leading whole-home parental control system with Family Firewall? and Smart Firewall? software.  Family Firewall? lets parents manage each child's use of chat, instant messaging, email and Web, including control by time of day, content filtering and limitations on correspondents to prevent interaction with strangers.  DoBox's unique Smart Firewall? system provides an "industrial-strength" firewall that is pre-configured for strong security, but easily customized to permit families to specify which games, peer-to-peer applications (e.g., Napster, Morpheus, Gnutella), or Internet applications are permitted for each person and each hour of the day. 

"National's vision of the connected home is coming to life through partnerships between our family of Geode processors and development platforms, and software solutions like DoBox's home gateway and Family Firewall? software," said Jeff Waters, Director of the Consumer Access Business Unit at National Semiconductor.  "DoBox and National are answering the need for family-focused home gateway solutions that OEM partners can take to market directly or to broadband service providers."

National Semiconductor's information appliance development platform, featuring the award-winning high-performance, low power Geode processor, offers the optimal balance between cost, performance and power consumption for residential gateway products, enabling manufacturers to build affordable, full-function devices.

National's information appliance development platforms and the DoBox software are available now for both embedded and disk-based residential gateways.  Selected platforms from National are packaged with a demo version of DoBox's full software suite.  For more information, contact Mike Thompson with DoBox at 801-514-5628 or Miket@dobox.com or visit the National website link:  http://www.national.com/appinfo/solutions/0,2062,194,00.html

See DoBox and National at Comdex, 2001
A residential gateway and devices for a networked home, powered by DoBox's software and featuring National's Geode architecture, will be demonstrated at Comdex 2001 next week in National Semiconductor's booth L3005.  DoBox will also be exhibiting a variety of DoBox and Geode powered solutions in its own booth at Comdex, L1709-1AP, located in the Internet Access Pavilion in the North Hall.

About National Semiconductor
National Semiconductor is the premier analog company driving the information age. Combining real-world analog and state-of-the-art digital technology, the company is focused on the fast growing markets for wireless handsets; information appliances; information infrastructure; and display, imaging and human interface technologies.  With headquarters in Santa Clara, California, National reported sales of $2.1 billion for fiscal year 2001 and employs about 9,700 people worldwide.  Additional company and product information is available on the World Wide Web at www.national.com.

About DoBox, Inc.
Established in 1999, DoBox, Inc. is a leading provider of OEM software to power and protect the broadband-connected, networked home. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, the company develops leading-edge technology for home gateways that simplifies delivery of broadband connectivity and services to networked residential customers.  DoBox currently offers a complete line of advanced home gateway, Smart Firewall? and Family Firewall? software technologies, aimed at helping leading product partners and service providers securely "Internet enable" a broad range of information and entertainment devices inside the home.  For more information, contact DoBox at 801-446-4404 x201, or at http://www.dobox.com.