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National Semiconductor's Geode Technology Powers Fujitsu Siemens' Latest Thin Clients

Geode Enables Low Noise, Low Power Consumption and Small Form Factor

Dec 12, 2002

December 12, 2002 - National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE:NSM) today announced that its Geode™ technology has been designed into the ultra small footprint (186 x 67 x 168 mm) FUTRO B100 Thin Client Terminal from Fujitsu Siemens Computers.  The FUTRO B100 is powered by the Geode GX1 integrated processor and has been developed for terminal applications focused on Microsoft’s Windows Terminal Server computing.

The Geode GX1 processor from National Semiconductor is especially designed for small, quiet, fan-less designs where low power consumption and high processing performance are equally important. In this application the GX1 core consumes less than 0.5W.

The FUTRO B100 thin client includes all the display network and peripheral interfaces required and has enough local memory and processing performance to host any multi-user NT or Windows 2000 terminal application. It has Flash memory for embedded operating systems and web browsers.  ICA (Independent Computer Architecture) and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) protocols are used to minimize network loading and the compression needed to achieve this is powered by the same Geode GX1 processor.

 "National leads the thin-client technology market by providing an optimized Geode architecture which enables manufacturers to meet and exceed users’ price/performance demands," said Roland Dorn, Marketing Manager of Information Appliance at National Semiconductor in Europe.  "The 32bit x86 compatible Geode GX1 processor is the leading Thin Client processor for designers.  Furthermore the x86 compatibility allows us to support all major operating systems such as WinCE, Windows XPe, and Linux."

Peter Eßer, Executive Vice President Volume Products at Fujitsu Siemens Computers said, "We have chosen the Geode technology for our next generation thin-client platform because we believe this is the best choice to complete our solutions for Windows Terminal Server Computing.  The enterprise market demands IT infrastructure that is cost efficient, reliable, secure and easy to administer.  Here, we can build upon National’s strong market and technology knowhow incorporated in this chip and system architecture."

In addition to the Thin Client functionality, the Geode x86 compatibility means that PC applications such as browsers can be run locally on the client independently of the Terminal Server.  The operating system of the FUTRO B100 is an optimized embedded Linux (eLux) which supports a variety of browsers, such as Netscape, Opera and Mozilla.  The Geode GX1 processor can be implemented in combination with National's CS5530A companion chip to provide a very low power and cost effective thin-client solution.

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