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National Semiconductor Introduces IPMI-Compliant Baseboard Management Controllers for Servers

Gigabyte Technology's Latest Servers Feature National's Highly Integrated, Cost Efficient Baseboard Management Controllers

Sep 17, 2003

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, SAN JOSE, CA - September 17, 2003 - National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: NSM) today introduced two IPMI 1.5-compliant baseboard management controllers (BMCs) that provide complete remote management capability for medium- and high-end servers.

Gigabyte Technology, a leading PC and server manufacturer in Taiwan, designed in National's new BMCs to enable the best solution in server manageability, while complying with the industry standard IPMI 1.5 specification.

"National's BMCs have helped us easily comply with industry standards and bring our server products to market quickly," said Etay Lee, general manager of the Network and Communication Business Unit at Gigabyte Technology.  "National's broad analog technology and wide array of products allows us to select the optimal parts for our applications."

Along with the new BMCs, Gigabyte Technology uses National's SuperI/O, temperature sensors and other analog devices in their server products.

National's new PC87435 and PC87436 single-chip BMCs support version 1.5 of the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) specification.  The BMCs consist of a processor, internal sensors, internal memory and firmware.  The BMCs monitor a server's baseboard power supply voltages, other system voltages, temperature sensors and fan indicators to provide remote status, manageability and system error recovery.  National introduced a family of mini-BMCs for low-end servers last year.

"National's PC87435 makes it easier for hardware and firmware developers to create IPMI-based solutions that take advantage of the built-in leadership manageability features of Intel enterprise server chipsets and networking components," said Jesse Parker, Director of Marketing and Strategic Planning for Intel Enterprise Chipsets.

Technical Features and Benefits
The PC87435 and PC87436 incorporate the National CompactRISC® CR16B core (a high performance 16-bit RISC processor), system support functions, low pin count (LPC) host interface, and a bus interface unit (BIU) that directly interfaces with optional expansion memory and I/O devices.  The PC87435 includes on-chip flash and RAM memories.

System support functions include two SMBus channels in the PC87435 (four SMBus channels in the PC87436); high-accuracy analog-to-digital converter for system control, system health monitoring and analog controls; USART for ICMB extension (two USARTs in the PC87436); Watchdog and other timers; and interrupt control and general-purpose I/O (GPIO).

The PC87435 and PC87436 interface with the host via an LPC bus that provide three interface channels, peripherals and IPMI devices via independent SMBuses, and additional memory and I/O ports via a private expansion bus.

National is developing third party relationships to provide firmware and software for the new BMC products.

Pricing and Availability
National's PC87435 and PC87436, packaged in 176-pin LQFPs, are available now.  In 1,000 unit quantities, the PC87435 costs $12.50 and the PC87436 without Flash costs $9.50.  An evaluation board for the PC87435 is available to enable rapid firmware and system development.  Further information is posted at www.national.com/appinfo/advancedio

National at Intel Developer Forum Fall 2003
National Semiconductor will demonstrate the evaluation board during a lab, "Remote Manageability for Enterprise Desktop and Low-end Servers," on September 17 and 18 at the Intel Developer Forum Fall 2003 in San Jose.  More information on National's activities at the Intel Developer Forum can be found at http://www.national.com/events/

About IPMI
IPMI defines a common interface that enables management software to work on systems that meet the IPMI specification.  This reduces the time and effort required to deliver valued platform management features to end users, reducing total cost of ownership. 

About National Semiconductor
National Semiconductor is the premier analog company driving the information age. Combining real-world analog and state-of-the-art digital technology, the company is focused on analog-based semiconductor products, which include stand-alone devices and subsystems in the areas of power management, imaging, display drivers, audio, amplifiers and data conversion. The company targets key markets such as wireless, displays, PCs, networks and a broad range of portable applications. With headquarters in Santa Clara, California, National reported sales of $1.67 billion for its most recent fiscal year. Additional company and product information is available on the World Wide Web at www.national.com