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National Semiconductor Introduces High-Speed Radiation-Tolerant Operational Amplifiers for Video, Audio and Communications Applications

New Op Amps Feature 300Krad Radiation Tolerance for Military and Aerospace Solutions

Oct 1, 2003

October 1, 2003 - National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE:NSM) today released a family of high-speed operational amplifiers for the military and aerospace market. Originally designed for commercial and industrial applications, these products will replace many of the functions of the company’s popular Comlinear line of operational amplifiers.  Each of the products is produced on National’s unique patented VIP10 manufacturing process, which enables space-level radiation tolerance to 300K rads/si total dose.

The parts are the LMH6715, a high-speed dual wideband current feedback video amplifier, the LMH6628 a dual low noise operational amplifier, and the LMH6624 a single very low noise voltage feedback operational amplifier.

“National is a leader in high-performance operational amplifiers, said Erroll Dietz, director of National’s amplifiers product line. “Our new radiation-tolerant products represent major enhancements that extend the usability of our op amps into the most demanding space applications.”

LMH6715 Dual Wideband Video Op Amp
The LMH6715 is a current feedback, unity gain stable, high-speed dual video amplifier.  It is designed for used in dual 5V supply systems.  It uses a current feedback architecture to maintain high-bandwidths for large signals.  It excels on the key video specifications of differential phase and differential gain (Dp/Dg) of only 0.02°/0.02%.  The LMH6715 is designed to meet the market needs of the CLC412.  The LMH6715 far exceeds the performance of the CLC412 with only a marginal increase of supply current.  A key specification of high-speed amplifiers is their large signal bandwidth (LSWB).  At 175MHz, the LMH6715 exceeds the LSBW of the CLC412 by over 60%.  LSBW is a key customer spec for driving video signals and is a less subjective parameter then the more commonly mentioned slew rate.  The LMH6715 exceeds both the 3dB and 0.1dB flatness of the CLC412.  A 3dB small signal bandwidth of 400MHz @ AV=+2 and 0.1dB gain flatness to 100MHz make it ideal for wideband systems.  Customers that could not use the CLC412 because of its lower frequency response now have a part available with almost double the usable bandwidth.  The LMH6715 is available in 10-pin SOIC and 8-pin ceramic DIP.  The improved AC parameters and better output drive makes the LMH6715 the ideal amplifier for many video applications.

LMH6628 Dual Wideband, Low-Noise, Voltage Feedback Op Amp
The LMH6628 is the lowest noise 300MHz Bandwidth, 500V/usec slew rate dual amplifier on the market. It features unity gain stability and an easy to use voltage feedback topology and is well suited for single or dual 5V supply applications that require high output current and wide bandwidth.   The bandwidth of 300MHz at a gain of AV=+1 and fast slew rate of 500V/usec make it ideal for a wide range of communication applications. The fast settling time of 12ns and low THD make it a great choice for 12bit data acquisition systems.  The ability to drive heavy capacitive loads also makes it suitable for directly driving analog to digital converters (ADCs) in data acquisition systems.  This allows the elimination of a multi chip front end in many receiver applications.  The combination of very low noise and high output drive ability makes the LMH6628 the ideal amplifier for many receiver/driver applications. The LMH6628 is available in 10-pin SOIC and 8-pin ceramic DIP package types. 

LMH6624 Ultra Low Noise Voltage Feedback Op Amp
National’s LMH6624 is an ultra-low-noise operational amplifier designed to provide outstanding dynamic range in systems. The low offset of 100mV and low drift of 2mV/C provide the high DC accuracy that is needed for precise, high-resolution applications. This allows system designers to reduce the amount of error correction circuitry required, which reduces costs.  The large Gain Bandwidth Product of 1.9 GHz allows low distortion, high frequency operation. The LMH6624 is stable for gains greater than ten and is available in 10-pin SOIC and 8-pin ceramic DIP package types.

For More Information
For product samples, datasheets and additional technical information see National’s web site at http://www.national.com/appinfo/amps/

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